Project Blog Commences

Hi all!

I have decided that this blog space will be my project diary of sorts, and a place where i can post updates on what i’m doing. This has nothing to do with work, this will purely be personal projects only.

Right now I’m fully immersed in my fashion passion so this will primarily be a sewing blog (for now).

I have recently started a blue chiffon blouse, a project which i am sharing with my mum. We found this fabric on a shopping trip together, and both of us fell in love with it, so we are each doing our own projects with it. It is a heavenly colour… gorgeously jewel toned, and I love chiffon, but it is the first time I’ve sewn with it and it is (as so many before me have lamented) VERY tricky to work with.

As with many of my projects, it is a slow process; it’s been about a month since we started this project, and I haven’t gotten far. In my defense, though, there have been some pretty major changes in my life LOL. So far I have managed to trace and cut my pattern, mark pieces, sew darts and pleats, and just last night, I pinned the body pieces together for a loose fitting.

Fabric used:


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