Monthly Archives: December 2011

Project Update

So I finally finished the blue chiffon blouse!!! Pics below:


my first catch stitch:


first rolled hem:


The final piece isn’t perfect and there’s things I’d do differently but overall I learned a lot and am glad I saw it through 🙂

Merry Christmas to ME!

Alright I know that title sounds pretty awful, but I preordered two books way back in October and Amazon just sent me confirmation of shipping today!!! A week earlier than I expected! The expected shipping date was the 13th, so I was sure I would not receive my books before Christmas but now I’m really hoping I will because I’d love to do some sewing over the holidays ^___^

The two books I have on preorder are:
The Colette Sewing Handbook, and Simple Modern Sewing: 8 Basic Patterns to Create 25 Favorite Garments – both of which include patterns. I’m actually much more excited about the Colette book, as I adore the styles and am an avid follower of their blog and forum. SMS is more for reading purposes for me, as it’s a Japanese style sewing book and those tend to be sized pretty small, so unless i shrink dramatically, it’s more for ideas and inspiration.

I love reading other peoples’ thoughts and feedback on books, especially because I buy online quite often, so I will make an effort to review both of these books at some point.

I also have three Colette patterns on order, so maybe I’ll get those before Christmas as well, and then I will DEFINITELY have a ton of projects to choose from!!