The U.F.O. Challenge

At the risk of getting myself in over my head, I’ve decided to join Frabjous Couture’s UFO Challenge – the goal being to finish unfinished projects that have been sitting there mocking us LOL.

After having “finished” sewing the blue chiffon blouse, I have one UFO left… the Black Pants. (I’ll get back to the blue blouse in a bit)

The Black Pants started out as an ambitious goal of mine last spring when I decided I needed to start making my own garments in order to get exactly what I was looking for out of clothes, namely: style, quality fabric, and a perfect fit. I chose a nice lightweight linen fabric, and a “perfect fit” pattern, as I am totally new at pants. Alas, I wasn’t ready for a commitment yet and Black Pants got to the point of being cut and there they stayed.

So my commitment is to conquer Black Pants, once and for all LOL

Then…. I have some secret plans for the blue chiffon blouse to make it into something I’d actually wear. It’s a shameful atrocity hanging in my closet, and I’m gonna turn it into something chic and fabulous… it just doesn’t know it yet 😉

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