Spring Palette 2012

Alrighty-O, so here’s my attempt at being organized… or rather, placing all my organized thoughts into one place! For me that’s hard; I am quite organized but in a chaotic kind of fashion, where only my weird artsy mind can comprehend the twisted tapestry that is my thoughts, lists, goals and ideas. So here is a small glimpse into what I’ve been weaving:


Add a little cream and black into the mix and you got the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s my Pinterest mood board, in case anyone wants to see my drool-worthy dream shoes and some of my coveted fabrics LOL.

Some of my winter sewing list will carry over into this palette too, which is nice:

  • Pastille in dark blue stretch cotton sateen (almost done)
  • black dress pants in black linen (my UFO from last year *blushes*)
  • Jasmine in a navy and cream print
  • Truffle dress

And here is the list of things I’d like to make – some have fabrics and/or patterns chosen for them and some do not yet (perhaps a little ambitious, considering this does not include summer, and I’m a sew slewer BAHAHAHA I totally was trying to write SLOW SEWER!!)

  • Taffy blouse in navy blue chiffon with a soft white bubble print
  • babydoll blouse from Chic Simple Sewing
  • cap sleeve blouse from Simple Modern Sewing
  • Clover pants in dark blue stretch cotton sateen (same fabric as my Pastille)
  • Cap sleeved tunic
  • Licorice dress
  • tunic and pants from the vintage Simplicity I bought from Lavender *wink*

I’ll probably add more as time progresses, but I’m starting with this so I don’t explode with too much excitement LOL.

Oh!! Also, a call out to anyone out there who knows where I might find a pattern for a blouse something like this:

I thought the Mystery Charmeuse would look nice in this style, but I don’t quite have the right pattern… thoughts?

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8 responses to “Spring Palette 2012

  • 7cakes

    I don’t know if you’re a drafter, but that pattern would bee really easy to draft=D

    • symondezyn

      *sigh* lol I know… I totally thought of that and while I can visualize how simple it would be, my imagination and my skill set are not quite at par with one another yet ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will attempt it, lord help me, if I have to, though i assume it would be akin to flailing around in the dark on a rickety staircase; possible but not very safe! lol

  • Lavender

    Me likey ๐Ÿ™‚ These colors are great, and the garments so versatile. Take a rectangle, gather the top, angle out to the armpit, then cut straight down. You can totally knock that off!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks! I know… my wardrobe is SAD… so sad in fact, that my man has even commented on how meager it is. He has more clothes than me! lol so needless to say, I need basics, and Spring Wardrobe Plan 2012 is gonna help ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh you… you make it sound so easy!! lol… well I confess… I’m a sucker for a challenge beyond my means so I bought a scrap of fabric from the Sally Ann with thoughts of experimenting with this…. sooooo I might just take the plunge lol. Hellooooo experimental pattern drafting, here I come! lol

  • Jo

    I found this tutorial a while ago, it’s similar to the top though not quite the same- perhaps it would be a good jumping off point for you?

    Just visiting your blog for the first time, it’s lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

    • symondezyn

      Thanks for visiting!! ๐Ÿ˜€ That is a very pretty blouse indeed, and I really like the style of it; though the one I’m envisioning is more of a halter neck, however I think the initial concept stages could be kind of similar, thanks!

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