I just wanted to share a quick thrill with you all: on a whim I popped into the Sally Ann after work for a little post-stressful-week therapy browse & scored two amazing finds!

First, this book by R.A. Salvatore, one of Fantasy’s greatest writers, for $3.99:


and about 1.5 meters at about 28″w of this fabric for $2.99, which upon burning a corner of it the second I walked in the door, revealed itself as none other than silk!! (toldja I’d be burning everything… thanks Janene 😉


Woo hoo! good start to the weekend, ‘specially since it’s pouring out there!

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18 responses to “Score!!!

  • ooobop!

    Ha ha… what have I started! Well done on your fabric find. I completely appreciate how uplifting that is. I’m trying really hard to read more but its always a toss up between sewing and reading time… and the question of a double headed coin!

    • symondezyn

      oh I know – I remarked to my partner last night that I wished instead of going into a store to buy things that will compete for my meager free time, that I could buy more time to work on the things I already have 🙂

      Out of curiosity, when you’ve thrifted silk, have you ever come across any with a funny smell when you wash it? Apparently it’s normal, especially with China silk but it’s so hard to get rid of! I soaked mine in a vinegar/water solution and it helped but ‘twould be nice to nix it completely 🙂

  • maddie

    That’s so cool that you burned the fabric to determine it was silk.

    It’s raining here in Philly too and I hope you get to have a some semblance of fun despite the weather!

  • Freddy Meléndez

    Me thinks new book purchase has to do with Salvatore’s involvement in Kingdoms of Amalur, I read about 12-15 books in Salvatore’s Drizzt series before it got hella boring. Kudos on finding it with the old cover and original Forgotten Realms logo, those are harder to come by.

  • beautifullysewn

    Cheap silk! Oh you ARE lucky!

    • symondezyn

      I thought so too until I washed it! LOL…. PEEE YEWWWWW… it stunk up the house so bad, my bf came home and went around sniffing, and continued to do so until I removed the foul scent from the air entirely LMAO…. supposedly some silk has a substance in it from its natural state, that if not removed in the manufacturing process, produces a foul smell when wet or heated, and I can testify to the fact that it’s absolutely true!! Weird eh?

  • Freddy Meléndez

    xD then just by American Gods already pleaseee.

    • symondezyn

      if I find it at the thrift store I will… if not it’ll have to wait; Symon needs new shoes lol

      • jenables

        Don’t know if this will help, but I thrift a LOT (prob in some of the same places you do, cause I also live in Vancouver) and I often soak fabric in my tub with baking soda…just make sure you use enough! Also, I drip dry . . Mostly because i’m not usually doing laundry when washing things in the tub, but also sometimes those smells plus heat can totally infect everything else!

        • symondezyn

          that’s a good idea – I soaked it in my washer though, cause I have a man who needs the shower lol… do you live right downtown? nice to meet a fellow Vancouverite! 🙂

  • jenables

    Oh to have a washer in your place! That’s a far off dream for the likes of me.. 🙂 I live in east van but fairly close to downtown, commercial and venables type area. I work in kits though, and drive thru downtown every day. . you?

    • symondezyn

      LOL I spent many years of weekends devoted to lugging my laundry to the laundromat so I totally relate 🙂 I live in Langley but work in New West; we don’t get downtown much these days but I expect that’ll change once the weather clears up a bit ^_^

  • Lavender

    $3 silk FTW!!! That dude’s hair, though? Wow. Just wow.

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