Comeback Weekend!

After a really long hiatus of general malaise and being very unproductive, I’m finally back to myself!

I’m SOOOOO behind on the Truffle dress for the Sew Colette, as I’d only cut out the bodice for my muslin. It’s due today so that means I have to do two projects in April to catch up lol. So today I did the fitting. I anticipated a 3/4″ fba (1.5″ total) so I worked that in right away, and was bang on – yay!

I also had the same back neckline gaping issue as with the Pastille (a full 2″!!) so I had my dear man pin off the excess then at the suggestion of my mum, trimmed off 1″ at the top center back tapering to 0 at the waist on each side, then redrawing the grainline parallel. Worked great!

On a side note, I just gotta figure a way to fix the Pastille now, preferably without removing & re-installing the zipper. I was thinking of enlarging & lengthening the back neckline darts, which just means I’d have to remove/reinstall the back neck facing (no biggie) Any thoughts? 🙂

For the Truffle remaining pattern pieces, I also made waist adjustments at skirt and drape pieces to match the front bodice, moving darts & notches to match as well (yay me lol). Tomorrow I’ll cut and begin sewing 🙂

I also made the executive decision to wad my blue chiffon blouse after laughing about the ridiculous fit with my mum. It was unsalvageable I came to admit, so on to greener pastures!!

On a brighter note, the Meringue is definitely salvageable so I painstakingly ripped the bottom facing off, redrew a gently curved hemline, & cut off the scallops, making it a much more flattering length for me. Just gotta hem it now! 🙂

I also finished another project I’ll post pics for this week! 🙂

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8 responses to “Comeback Weekend!

  • ooobop!

    Good luck with all those alterations. I’m very impressed. I usually procrastinate furiously before I set to do things like this! Im sure you will do a fabulous job 🙂

    • symondezyn

      Thank you! Ha, don’t worry, I’m a massive procrastinator too… then one day I just get tired of looking at it all, and furiously go forth and deal with it LOL.

  • Lavender

    I can’t wait to see the final version!! We were dealing with the same exact fit issue this weekend… craziness. I stitched on a hook & eye, tried on my new dress, only to discover this ridiculous neck gaping that was not in the muslin. Grrr! I ended up slashing/spreading the back to lengthen it over my curvy spine, straightened the grain, then added neck darts. I had barely enough fabric left, and had to reinstall a hand picked zip, but it was worth it. Thought I could fudge it with neck darts only, but that just did weird things to the front. I wonder if the same alterations would work for you?

    • symondezyn

      Gar! that’s exactly what happened to me with the Pastille!! Luckily I knew to look for that in the muslin for the Truffle, so I was able to deal with it in the fitting process.

      What pattern were you working with? I haven’t come across this issue except with Colette patterns, and it seems to be confined to just the center back at the neckline. I know a lot of people have had the same issue with Colette, and there are SO many different methods of dealing with it; Lauren from Lladybird did a swayback adjustment on hers! Yet when I look in fitting books there is virtually nothing about it except if it’s happening due to spine curvature, which is not the case for me.

      I don’t really want to re-do the entire back bodice of the Pastille or remove the zipper cause I kind of did a perfect job on it LOL. My mum suggested I increase the back neckline darts and lengthen them, which is what I’ll probably try first, cause all I have to do then is unpick the collar facing at those two small areas. I’m hoping since the darts are already there that it won’t affect the front bit *crosses fingers* we’ll see 🙂

      • Lavender

        I was pretty annoyed, to put it mildly, especially after the issue didn’t show up in the muslin. That’s the trouble with pinning the zip area closed, I guess. Or just giving a quick once over! It’s a Simplicity (post coming soon), and I’ve NEVER had that problem before, curvy spine and all. I’d already done my standard swayback, and was so hoping the darts would be a great fix. That zip was picked so perfectly, just like I bet your install is! On top of it, I’d stitched, understitched, topstitched bias binding, and didn’t have any more… so that had to be salvaged!

        I really hope the darts work for you. Fingers crossed here, too!!!

      • symondezyn

        I felt the same way with the Pastille. I didn’t install the zip in the muslin, but I sewed the back shut so I thought that would be enough. I think it would have but the muslin fabric was a little thinner than the one I ultimately used so i attributed it to that…. that and inexperience in knowing what to look for as it was my first fitted dress, and I was mainly focused on trying to get my *ahem* frontal assets to fit in LOL.

        What a shame you had to redo the back, zip and all… and all that binding, too… ugh. I feel your pain sista…. I’m sure the re-do is worth it though, as you wouldn’t have been happy with that gape back there. I know I’m not LOL.

  • maddie

    No worries about being behind. If I could tell you about all the things I am behind on… you’ll get it done. I have faith in you!

    • symondezyn

      Haha! Thanks! I appreciate the vote of confidence! I have given myself a very strict daily schedule to follow for the next two weeks so hopefully that does the trick in getting me caught up 🙂

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