Colette Spring Palette Challenge

Hi All!!

I have edited my pinterest mood board for spring to reflect my sewing plans, and revised palette 🙂

Check it out here

It was tough because I have a ton more that I want to make but I wanted to keep it simple, and be practical so that I can ensure that I finish everything. I decided to keep it to four pieces for now, incorporating the items I’m making for Sew Colette.

  • Item 1: Taffy blouse from Colette Sewing Handbook in dark blue print chiffon
  • Item 2: Licorice dress from Colette Sewing Handbook in blue silk crepe ( I loved the book version so much I wanted to do one fairly similar)
  • Item 3: Jamie Christina Mission Maxi dress in cream jersey
  • Item 4: UFO black linen dress pants from last year hehe

I thought what I’ll do is, once the Spring one is complete I’ll make another for summer, and that’s when I’ll be adding my bolds and brights like my tangerines and red-oranges…. ahhhhh my favourite colours!!! 😀

I have some great plans for summer, like my first pair of shorts, a tangerine silk halter top and the Bombshell dress in a sweet black floral cotton…. whooopeeeee!!!!! 😀

Stay tuned and don’t miss a thing! LOL

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6 responses to “Colette Spring Palette Challenge

  • misscrayolacreepy

    You are busy!

    I know your stuff will look great!

  • 7cakes

    That maxi-dress looks sooooo comfy! Oooh, and I’m excited to see the shorts you make, because sewing shorts is awesome =D

    • symondezyn

      Oh yeah i’m so stoked to finally try that pattern – I know I’m gonna be in dire need of long comfy dresses for summer cause I seriously cannot handle the heat LOL

      As for shorts, I’ve never made any before… or pants either for that matter, so it should be interesting!! I’ll probably use the Iris pattern from Colette, since the instructions are always so nice and clear on their patterns and it will be a good way to learn, methinks 🙂

      • 7cakes

        Oh yeah, I love that pattern! Quick funny story/warning: I’ve made two pairs of shorts and two pairs of pants, and the shorts both worked perfectly. But both of the pants had a MAJOR problem- like the inseam totally didn’t match up, so the back of the pant turned forward and all kind of wacky stuff…….. So all that to say good luck on your shorts!!!! And on any future pants, please conquer the silly things =D

      • symondezyn

        LMAO! I will soooo try! Sounds like I should maybe start with shorts first, and then tackle pants later, eh? It’s my luck I’ll probably have any number of problems but I’m determined to conquer pants this year!! LOL.

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