my first giveaway win, unsolicited compliment, & sneaky peek!

I’ve been remiss in not posting this sooner but awhile back I won my first giveaway: 3 m of this gorgeous ricrac in one of my favourite colours; bright orange – from the lovely & talented Karen of DidYouMakeThat


I received it in the mail a couple weeks ago but really wanted to have a project plan for it before I posted it… but I’m drawing a blank! I really want it to be used for something special cause I love the colour so much 🙂 Ideas? 🙂

Also as a side note I got my first non-friend or family compliment on a me-made item today; ironically the baby doll blouse I blogged about here. I did make it small enough to wear and it’s the only me-made I’ve worn to work… and voila! compliment from my boss’ fashion savvy wife; I didn’t tell her I made it, though cause I’m really not proud of it lol.

And now for a gratuitous cat pic (and also a sneaky peek at my Taffy fabric!):


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8 responses to “my first giveaway win, unsolicited compliment, & sneaky peek!

  • ooobop!

    Congrats on the rickrack… well jel!!! Loving the look of that fabric and what a gorgeous pusscat!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks! Any ideas what I should do with the ricrac? I adore me some orange!! The fabric is a sheer soft chiffon; I had just spray starched it and I think little Mr Sly there really liked the smell LOL.

      Isn’t he a sweetheart? He’s spoiled but I love him dearly… I know I’m a total nerd but he’s my bestest friend 🙂

      • ooobop!

        I like ricrac peeking out of a hem or a sleeve edge, sewn underneath rather than on top, if you know what I mean. I can see it trimming a red dress or top to create a perfect accent! I totally understand cat-love! I have two myself. The first one was acquired to deal with a mouse but we didn’t look back and I couldn’t be without them now 🙂

      • symondezyn

        Yes I totally know what you mean – I like that idea too!! Also… lovin’ the red and orange idea – SASSY! I can totally see myself making a red dress with orange ricrac trimming the neckline or sleeve edge!

        I have two kitties too, but the other is more Daddy’s boy… this one here is SOOO a mummy’s boy – we’re like two peas in a pod…. only I’m taller and he’s fuzzier LOL

  • Maddie Flanigan

    Isn’t it such a good feeling when you receive a compliment from the most unlikely of people. It’s those compliments that mean the most and keep you going and moving forward despite our doubts in our abilities. Congrats on the giveaway!

    • symondezyn

      Yes it certainly is welcome, especially when it’s not someone who “has to” compliment you LOL. Although my man will tell me if something is awry – honesty is so much better than flattery, don’t you think? 🙂

  • Freddy Meléndez

    you are giving away your cat? ok I will take it.

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