Taffy modeled & some funny pattern pics

So first up, here’s my Taffy in person:



Ok now that that’s done I wanted to share some amusing patterns I have in my possession, inspired by Annabelle’s post on strange pattern purchases and at her suggestion to share some of them, here you go – enjoy!:


ok maybe some people love 80’s fashion but large shapeless garments and shoulder pads are NOT my friend so this one is a “no” lol.


I realize men have to wear robes sometimes but that man in view A needs some pants too! lol


Is it me or are those shoulder pads in those nightgowns? I could never wear these to bed – I’d be afraid they’d suck me into another dimension lol


I know these are supposed to be cute but I just think they are creepy lol.

If anyone disagrees with my thoughts and absolutely must have one of these gems I’m happy to give them a loving home – otherwise I guess these orphans are all mine 😉

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