Sew Colette: Licorice finished!

Colette Licorice Dress

Don’t mind my pasty legs lol but after an hour trying to shoot this thing inside, unsuccessfully, outside was the only way to go πŸ˜› (here’s a closer up pic though, which shows the sleeves @ collar better)


This dress took me forever!! For a “wearable muslin” especially. In addition to my usual FBA, I shortened the sleeves and made them a bit narrower, which i like, cause otherwise there’s just too much bulk pointing to my chest, which doesn’t need emphasis lol.

I also shortened the hemline which turned out to be a bad idea. Too short now, by about an inch; although it might be ok with tights in the fall.

Then there was all that business with the lining, which I’ve already described so I’ll not go into that again πŸ™‚

All in all I like this dress. The style is comfortable and pretty, and I’ll likely make it again πŸ™‚

So… Sew Colette finally finished; albeit a month late lol. I learned A TON from sewing through the Colette Handbook. Fitting & altering patterns, underlining, lining, zippers, sleeves, making bias tape… I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m proficient at any of this stuff yet but I’m a lot less scared to tackle it now πŸ™‚

I’ve also met a great deal of wonderful people through this, and I’m really looking forward to continuing the fun with Sew Colette 2.0!!

Already got my Hazel traced, pattern altered, and muslin cut!! See you all soon! πŸ™‚

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23 responses to “Sew Colette: Licorice finished!

  • Vicki Kate

    I like the narrower and shortened sleeves! The colour is fabulous on you!

  • prttynpnk

    I love this shape- your new and improved sleeves are a great detail. Now I want one too!

  • Amanda

    Okay- I love this and now I feel the urge to make one for myself. Such a gorgeous colour and well done you for working at it until you have a frock that rocks! (see what I did there? :P)

  • ooobop!

    I so admire your patience. Well done for seeing it through and producing such a lovely dress. You’ve got great legs so I wouldn’t be at all worried about making it much longer. And that colour is gorgeous on you. I’ve been so unproductive lately with real life work seriously interferring but you have so inspired me to stop faffing and get on with a new dress… thank you!

    • symondezyn

      Aww you’re so sweet! Thank you! πŸ™‚

      I gotta be a LITTLE modest though – lol – I was thinking maybe I could add a 2-3″ lace trim to the lining so it would peek out & add just a little bit of length πŸ˜›

      Heh… yeah that real life stuff is a pain eh? Well you’re FAR more productive than me usually so I think you cannot be too hard on yourself for it πŸ™‚

  • skylarchastain

    Your FBA looks very nice and tailored, I’m working on Colette Lily and fingers crossed, maybe mine will look okay. I’ve got the book as well, and at least now I can see that an FBA is definitely possible with the Licorice.

    • symondezyn

      Oh yes, definitely! It was relatively simple; I just cut the front dress piece at the waist, did the FBA as usual, then taped the top back to the bottom and cut it as one piece from the fabric, as designed πŸ™‚

      I LOVE Lily! I can’t wait to sew that one! I’m doing Hazel right now; the FBA on that one is more tricky but my bodice muslin turned out good so yay! πŸ™‚

      Hope you post your Lily! πŸ™‚

  • Lavender

    Show off those gams, girl!! You’ve got great legs! I definitely like the changes you made to the sleeves, and the color is brilliant. A perfect hue for you. Those shoes are cute, too… fashionable, yet comfy-looking. Are they Fleuvogs?

  • Annabelle

    You have great legs and can therefore get away with dresses being an inch too short πŸ™‚ I love the way this dress turned out for you, I think I need to make it as well.

  • feelingstitchyblog

    Wearable muslin?! No. That dress is so stinkin awesome on you! What kind of fabric did you use?

    The Licorice and Pastille did NOT look good in the book. But seeing you in these makes me feel sooooo much better!

    I’ve felt that my sewing skills need a redo properly. I figured the Colette book was the way to go and to put off other projects until I’ve finished this book.

    I know this is old, but I’ve gotten NO HELP from other sewists on the Colette fb community. Is there somewhere else you’re going to meet others?

    Btw, I like the dress short. It’s cute and sexy, which is always a great combo. You can change from day to night by your footwear!

    • symondezyn

      Hi there! Thanks so much for your kind words πŸ™‚ I don’t actually have this dress anymore, but if I remember correctly, it was a crepe fabric with a bit of stretch, maybe rayon or some kind of blend.

      To be honest, now that I have more experience sewing I look back and realize that the Colette book may not have been the best place for me to start. I had to do a LOT of alterations on the Pastille to get it to fit (particularly in the bodice), and I thought for sure it was due to my lack of skill… but later on I discovered a lot of people have trouble with the fit of Colette bodices. Now, you may not be one of these people, but do know that if you are, it may not be your fault! ^_^ There are lots of great patterns out there that are wonderful for beginners, and are well drafted. I look for different things now than I did then, mainly more challenging projects, so some of my favourites now are Victory Patterns, Named, and By Hand London, though there are tons of others that are great too. It’s really dependent on your personal aesthetic as well – those companies appeal to my personal style and they work for me. Everyone has their favourites πŸ˜› BurdaStyle patterns are pretty universally liked by more advanced sewists, as they are impeccably drafted, though their instructions are sometimes lacking πŸ˜‰

      Long story short, don’t take it for granted that just because someone produces a pattern or a book, that they are an expert in pattern drafting… there are loads of patterns out there that are overpriced and over marketed πŸ˜‰

      As for where I connect, mainly I connect with other sewists on Instagram these days; it seems message boards and blogging has really dwindled over the past few years, though that could just be me πŸ˜‰ Best of luck to you on your sewing journey – find me on IG if you like: @ar-design ^_^

      • feelingstitchyblog

        I will find you on IG. I just started this weekend to enter the Moneta contest.
        Let’s see, ok, here’s my measurements: 30″ hb, 35″ fb, 25″ waist, 35″ hips. Sooo, I’m a very extreme hourglass. There’s very few patterns out there that cater to a big bust, small waist, big hip gal. I LOVE Sewaholic’s aesthetic; however, Tasia makes her patterns for an A cup. You should see the amount of hacking I have to do — I may not even have the original pattern after all that!
        I’ve been sewing for 4 years and I’ve yet to buy or sew a Big 4. From the beginning, since I’m a girl’s girl, I’ve loved the idea of supporting moms/women. I’ve also never bought my fabric from a big box store!
        I’m definitely in the intermediate range and probably always will be because there’s sooooo much to learn! I just want to learn them better, correctly, and maybe increase my skills. But nobody can beat me in the welt/double welt pocket arena πŸ˜‰
        Off to IG. Please know, mine’s kinda blank right now 😦

        • feelingstitchyblog

          Argh. I wanna know new posts. Second try…

        • symondezyn

          I hear ya! I have to do a major FBA on every single pattern I sew, as well as lengthening sleeves and pant legs by at least 3″!!! Still, all that is easier than adjusting shoulder/upper bust area, so I’ve found it’s always easier to start by selecting a pattern size based on HB measurement and go from there! ^_^

          • feelingstitchyblog

            Yes! HB is better!! I think I’m following you now, as well. I’m such an illiterate social media person.
            Wanna hear something gross? Though I’m underweight and mostly bony (except butt me boobs) I have the broadest bony shoulders. If I gained weight, I’d be a linebacker. I still can’t get a good broad upper back adjustment without messing up the shoulders.
            And height? I’m good. I’m barely 5’5″. My mom’s a 4’10” Korean and my dad’s a 6’3″ German. I got screwed genetically.

            Where the butt came from? Who knows. The boobs I bought. I was a 19yr old and I’m from Las Vegas. My self-esteem is in the garbage. Now, I’m 37 and could care less what people think.

            The joy of sewing your own clothes is to make them fit. Having an awkward body doesn’t help in this area.

            So guess what? I just read that sweats (or joggers in your area) are so in style again! Try True Bias’ Hudson pants or Papercut’s Anima. Easy sews and in style!

          • symondezyn

            Sewing your own clothes is VERY freeing. Being able to make alterations to fit your own unique body is wonderful… and it’s also extremely enlightening to realize that standard clothing blocks are based on an average, which means no one really fits them! ^_^ We are all unique, all individual, and all beautiful in our originality πŸ™‚

      • feelingstitchyblog

        Btw, all I’m finding are Arabic IGs. Follow me @feelingstitchymama

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