Mission Maxi – take 1 (saved!)

Alright so here is the SAVED version of my first Jamie Christina Mission Maxi. I say first version because all in all, this is a beautiful pattern, incredibly easy and stylish, and I will be using this A LOT.

The pattern is incredibly easy; my only dilemma was finding a surface long enough to cut it on, so I used my dresser… carefully, so as not to jab it with my scissors LOL. The instructions were clear and straight forward, and the pattern itself is so simple it’s a dream to put together. I traced the pattern, graded it, cut my fabric and sewed it up in one afternoon/evening!

As aforementioned, my choice of fabric was probably not the wisest…. off-white jersey is apparently quite transparent, I’ve discovered, and not very flattering to one’s less than perfect regions LOL. (Like DUH) Yes I am the master of discovering the obvious! LOL

So I spent hours picking off the binding, and I constructed a lining from lingerie knit, which was the closest thing i could find to swimsuit lining. I then attached it at the neckline and reattached the binding, hemmed the lining and called it a day… which if I’m honest, was probably more like two. It took me way less time to make the dress than to unpick and attach the lining, so there you go, lesson learned. The lining is nylon so it’s incredibly hot and sweaty, though, as we are getting 29-30 degree humid heat, so that’s kind of a bummer, but it saved the dress from becoming a very chic night gown LOL.

Not the most flattering thing I own, clearly LOL.

I have plans to make this in the tank top version in a darker colour next time, so I can have a more casual, flattering version. This one is still way too revealing for my taste! I’m gonna let it sit in the magic closet til the weather cools off and I lose a few more pounds… which should be around the same time ^__^  I also plan to make at least one tank top out of the pattern. I’ve already cut up a crappy dress i bought last year and never wore, and plan on making it my first Jamie Christina tank top! 🙂

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