Bombshell Promaballoona

It’s Promaballoona! And what better way to celebrate than to don a bombshell dress and hop on a cruise with your sweetheart?

I’ll save the commentary on the making of the dress for another post; this here post is for fun and eye candy lol



We started off our evening with class: a 1 hour ride via public transit; it was 32 degrees out and we were a little more wilted looking than when we left! πŸ˜›

A couple Bellinis at a local restaurant while waiting for our boat to board helped with that, then it was off to sea! πŸ™‚

(gratuitous pic of my sexy prom date)


As it got dark and we sailed around the harbour, we watched the finale of the Festival of Light – a spectacular fireworks exhibition ^__^

However, the boat was having troubles anchoring and we ended up crashing into two parked boats, making it difficult to concentrate on the festivities lol. We were outside but here’s a pic of the damage incurred down below:


Nevertheless after being escorted back to the docks by police, waiting for a cab, and getting home at 3am, we still had a pretty entertaining evening!


Happy Birthday, Oona! Hope you had a great birthday & as much fun (but less cops lol) than us!!

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