Musings of a bombshell

Hi all! I wanted to share some of my musings from my time making the Bombshell Dress with Gertie šŸ™‚


I’ll start by saying, this class was a huge deal for me, as I only had a handful of basic garments under my belt prior to taking it, and by all accounts, had no business taking on something so advanced. But Gertie’s teaching made it very clear and understandable, and as a result, I have a beautiful garment & a whole pile of new techniques, not to mention a huge elevation of confidence in my skills!

The biggest revelation I had was how much I LOVED the hand sewing!! I loved it so much I opted to sew the zipper in by hand!! It is slow, meticulous & methodical, and made me appreciate every stitch, which I found deeply satisfying.

Although I’ve done pattern adjustments, this was also my first experience with draping/redrafting, and I really enjoyed the process, although I really do wish I had a dress form! lol

I really loved the process of adding my own seam allowance & thread tracing (another first for me!) – it’s just not possible to get this level of accuracy with regular techniques. In addition, I found the couture method of applying underlining very slow, satisfying and beautiful.

Overall I loved the precision and attention to detail, even in the things people don’t see; I hid all these pretty red details inside my dress, just for me! It also opened my eyes to how I could add couture and vintage techniques to other patterns, and not to always be so reliant on instructions.

A brief rundown on my firsts in making this dress and new skills learned:

1) adding seam allowance to a pattern without SA included
2) thread tracing
3) hand basting underlining to main fabric
4) draping/redrafting bust cups
5) shaping & structuring fabric
6) fell stitching
7) cutting & tipping steel boning
8) sewing boning channels
9) making/adding a waist stay
10) lapped zipper
11) hand picking zipper
12) installing zipper guard
13) making button holes (yeah lol)
14) making skirt vent
15) hand stitched invisible hem using seam binding

This experience has definitely taken my sewing to a whole new level, and I plan on carrying the things I’ve learned forward, to make garments I LOVE… not just passable ones ^__^

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24 responses to “Musings of a bombshell

  • lloubb

    That is so cool that you learned so many new things and feel your skill level has bumped up! I just did my first hand picked zipper– I thought it was going to be this crazy scary fancy advanced technique but really it was so much easier. This was because of the control I had over what was happening.

  • punkmik

    this is so great! Some of the techniques you mention I havent even heard of! šŸ˜› but once i restart the class I hope I will get there too! šŸ˜€
    I think hand stitching (although i dont enjoy it often) can be quite zen! Sounds like you really enjoyed the course and I cant wait to catch up with you! your dress is stunning and you look like a real bombshell wearing it šŸ˜€

    • symondezyn

      You’ll definitely learn them all too, although Gertie teaches the zipper installation using a machine; I used a book to learn how to hand sew it šŸ™‚

      Thanks for your lovely comments – I can’t wait to see how yours turns out! ^__^

  • Vicki Kate

    The dress is so awesome! I’ve watched loads of the videos and used bits and bobs but have yet to make ‘the dress’! I’m so pleased for you, you deserve to be very very proud! You look stunning!

  • Sassy T

    Ooo la la. You are pure BOMBSHELL. Why don’t you make a duct tape dummy at least it will be exactly your shape.You can packs of duct tape for a Ā£1 in the pound shops. There will be vids on youtube. I have a tute in a Thrreads mag but am sure they an online tute, Think I may have a Threads tute saved somewhere if you are interested.

  • sallie

    Your dress turned out so beautifully and you should be SO proud! I remember feeling almost exactly the same as you after I took that class – in fact I took it mostly because I knew it would elevate my skill and teach me new techniques that I would never have picked up otherwise. The dress was just a bonus šŸ˜‰ And I can honestly say that the garments I’ve made since taking Gertie’s class are much better crafted and employ couture techniques and are just overall things I ACTUALLY love to wear! I’m sure these new skills you’ve picked up will serve you well in your future sewing!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Sallie!! šŸ™‚ I’m SO glad you said that – it’s good to know someone else had a similar experience – and your makes are definitely very high end!! šŸ™‚

  • stirandstitch

    wow, you went from beginner to advanced in one dress! i’m totally intimidated by tailored garments, but they do look so much better than the sack-dresses and tops i make…

    • symondezyn

      Aww thanks! I totally agree; i have too much boob to wear sack-like garments; they just hang off me like a ski slope and remind me of the tent like garments the large ladies in my neighbourhood growing up used to wear ^___^ NOT flattering!!!

      I sometimes envy the slim, willowy gals that can get away with wearing these garments, because they hang so nicely on that kind of frame and look so easy and comfortable šŸ™‚

  • Cuckoo Chanel

    What a lovely, inspirational post. You look so amazing. The ultimate bombshell.

  • didyoumakethat

    I love your Bombshell! Great fabric choice.

  • Tia Dia

    Love yours! What a great colour & fabric choice. I just read through all your previous posts – love the little bits of red!

  • Amanda

    Symon- you owned this dress! I am so impressed with the skills you picked up and the finished frock. You’re inspiring me to take the plunge and try this sucker out šŸ˜€

  • Lavender

    Bravo! You’re going to be applying these skills to everything now, and beaming with every garment!!

  • Nothy

    I have bought the course but haven’t started it yet. I love that you found it so informative. I may just have to hop to it!

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