Jamie Christina Mission Maxi #2

Hi All!

I’m not dead… no, far from it! After finishing the Bombshell I needed something quickly to wear to a client meeting, and since it’s been super duper hot here, I wanted something comfortable, so I made a lovely black version of the Mission Maxi. I banged this baby off in just a few hours, including a serger mishap that took me an hour to figure out, (entirely my fault, more on that another time LOL)

However that being almost two weeks ago, we didn’t get around to shooting this dress ’til just the other day, and I’ll tell you why, before I unveil this photo to you.

Readers, I HATE getting my picture taken. Why? Because I guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, I am absolutely the LEAST photogenic person on the face of the earth. I am not exaggerating, or being modest. I don’t think I look bad in person, but the camera would have you believe otherwise. The camera, my friends… HATES me with a burning white hot passion! Not only do I end up looking ten years older, and twenty pounds heavier than I actually am, I am always being caught making the most horrific faces, or doing something ridiculous. I know everybody says that, but I have the proof!!! Hundreds of totally embarrassing unusable pictures mocking me, and every time I anxiously go to look at pics of a holiday or a new make, I’m constantly disappointed and sometimes even depressed.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “but Amanda, we’ve seen some decent shots of you!” That’s true…. but these shots are not taken without a considerable amount of effort on both mine and my partner’s part…. often (I admit) there are tears involved, and always frustration. Sometimes dozens are needed just for one decent one, and then often they require shopping (that’s Photoshop for you non-designers LOL) just to make them presentable. I’m not talking about changing my features, making myself skinnier, or anything like that (I know I ain’t perfect but as tempting as it is, (because I totally could) I’m not gonna pretend I am just to totally scare someone who might meet me in person one day LOL) … I’m talking stuff like.. there’s a giant chunk of my hair sticking straight outwards or I’ve got the freaking crazy eyes going on… and I swear to you that there is nothing at all, even with my considerable Photoshop skills, i could do to salvage most of them.

That said, even though this dress is pretty darn wonderful, as usual, I couldn’t find a single decent shot of me in it. This one of me getting totally exasperated is the only one and I blew out the exposure and did some shopping on my crazy eyes just to make it halfway decent. I still look like a bitchy old fart. LOL


Readers, do any of you have any suggestions for me on how to get a better picture? Body wise, I know all the tricks, though I rarely use them LOL… it’s my face I have issue with the most. I always have these wide eyes or a stupid look on my face, or look like I’m smelling something bad. Or if I smile I look demented…. HELP?? ^__^

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31 responses to “Jamie Christina Mission Maxi #2

  • Funnygrrl

    I go by the rule of: Take lots and one should be good. I always look frustrated and if I smile my nose wrinkles. Now I’ve just accepted it.
    Sometimes I pretend I’m on America’s Next Top Model. Seriously.

  • Calico Stretch

    The dress looks great and the eyes don’t look so crazy to me, though I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. I seem unable to take a pic of me that doesn’t make me look awful too …. I have no suggestions sorry but will be checking all the comments to see if I can learn something too 🙂

    • symondezyn

      Thanks for your comment; here’s hoping we find the miracle cure! ^_^

      My partner is gonna help me try & figure out what to do about this conundrum; he agrees the camera doesn’t flatter me lol. So far we’ve got: “don’t bend over” lol.

  • Vicki Kate

    I’m no help at all! I hate my photo being taken with a similar passion – much rather be behind the rotten thing! I just imediately tense up as soon as someone points a camera at me, which really doesn’t help lol!
    Moving helps with me – if I stand still I look awkward and uncomfortable and just flippin’ awful. If I’m doing something I look a lot better, normally because I’m concentrating on not falling over, rather than what the camera is doing…
    And the dress looks great, and your eyes are beautiful!

    • symondezyn

      Thank you! I think you’re right; I know my frustration and tension definitely show on camera – I guess it’s just a matter of figuring out what will make me relax already! lol

  • Sassy T

    I hate having my photo taken. HATE it. But I find taking them without the flash takes a nicer pic inside or take an outside pic as you look brighter with the natural light. Or stand as close to natural light as possible. I have to try all kinds as I look vile most times lol.

    • symondezyn

      You’re spot on there – flash is just horrible!! it makes me look twice as wide and completely blows out any facial or body definition… SO not flattering!

      Midday or bright daylight aren’t much better but filtered natural light definitely helps 🙂

  • punkmik

    oh i hate my photo being taken, so i cannot provide tips. I normally have to take 50 to pick one half decent one. lol

    i love the maxi dress though! turned out great! ;D

  • Sew Little Time

    i also need to learn some tips. it is the main reason i don’t blog as much as i could (but i am trying to get better!). i drive hubby mad when he has to take my blog pics – need to get a remote for the camera! i think the best advice i have seen recently (and i can’t remember where!) was someone who said to give it a bit of tasia! she always stands in a similar pose which is very flattering and she gives it a bit of attitude.

    • symondezyn

      That she does! I admire bloggers who always have lots of quality pics of their makes 🙂 I’d love to get there someday too; it’s the part of blogging I dread the most, but perhaps one of the most important parts 🙂

      A remote would be great – my hunnie is a good sport but I feel so bad putting him through my emotional turmoil every time lol

  • misscrayolacreepy

    You and the dress look beautiful!

    I also struggle with getting good shots 😦 But I have found that natural light totally makes a big difference!

    • symondezyn

      Thank you, love! I agree… natural light is generally better… as long as it’s not super bright and sunny (not a problem here eight months out of the year at least) LOL


    Yeah, dude, taking pictures is way more stressful than it should be. I’ve found that I tend to prefer the shots that don’t involve me looking at the camera… which is why that’s most of what I post haha. Also, make sure you’re taking them without the flash (even if it means getting up early before work…. ew, I know, but the colors will look way better). Oh, and I usually take at least 50 pictures every time… it ensures that at least *one* shot will turn out usable 🙂

    • symondezyn

      That’s really reassuring to hear you say, because you ALWAYS have so many awesome pics of your makes!! 😀 I definitely agree… flash is NOT my friend, or anybody’s, it seems LOL. However, getting up before work to do it would necessitate me getting up at like 4am – so no natural light to be found! LOL …. but on a weekend though… that could definitely work 😉 I will try that, as well as not looking at the camera… that’s a good tip! I think staring at it makes me agitated and it shows LOL. Thanks!! 😀

      Do you have your man take your pics or you take them yourself? Like on auto timer? I’ve tried the auto timer thing but it’s hard to find a surface the right height to rest the camera on LOL.

  • maddie

    I think you look great at there is NO need to alter anything about photos. Just become comfortable. That’s my only tip 🙂

    • symondezyn

      That’s lovely of you to say, thank you! The comfortable part is definitely where I need work! Your photos are an inspiration – any tips on getting comfy for the camera? ^__^

  • Scruffybadger

    I think most people struggle with taking pics …esp for posting on theninternet for everyone and their dog to see!! I also take loads, my self timer takes about 4 at a time and there are loads of duds in there….and sometimes I just post the odd ones just for the fun of it. But, should say that is a terribly glam dress you’ve made and you’ve captured the perfect look in your pic….fabulous, you are obviously doing something right.

  • Carolyn

    I think you’re being to hard on yourself, you look terrific in this picture,a nd I love the dress 🙂 I guess most of us judge ourselves far more harshly than others do, I cringe at all my own pictures.

  • Salma

    You look lovely and your dress is lovely! Enough said (except that you’re putting my summer sewing to shame!)

  • Annabelle

    I like this picture of you! What you see as an exasperated face, just looks more “serious” (something I can never do – it always turns into a goofy half grin).

    Taking photos is the part that I dread too. I sometimes do self-timer, and have a setting where it will take 3 in a row. That way I’ve got 3 chances to catch my breath and figure out what to do. Sometimes the best pictures happen when something distracts me and my camera takes a photo with out me thinking about it. (But self-timer never seems to be in-focus as much as when hubby takes the pictures).

    Like others have mentioned, I like natural lighting and usually try to take pictures outside. Or at least by a large window inside. Finding unique places is helpful – a gazebo gives you a chance to take pictures while sitting, or you can look off into the distance from the gazebo without it looking weird. A nature setting like a walking path or a lake gives lots of distractions and opportunity to find props. Once in a while I try emulating the poses on the pattern drawings just for fun – it gives you ideas.

    Keep working on it, you are doing a great job 🙂

    • symondezyn

      Haha! it’s funny how we see different things in ourselves than others do! I think your pics often look contemplative – very intriguing, not at all goofy! 🙂

      I guess because I know how I felt at the time I see that in my face whereas others might not 🙂

      It’s definitely a big challenge for me, even if a lot of it is in my head… or maybe more so because of that lol. Thanks for the tips, and the encouragement – it’s always much appreciated!!! 🙂 *hugs*

  • 2barbara

    i hate mine also. who doesn’t? angelina jolie? i’m not her! but try this – it works for me, almost:
    three quarter profile, looking upward toward the lens. your neck will be tipped downward. tilt your neck away form the camera. think chocolate or whatever turns you on. smile seductively. practice, practice, practice.

    it’s my best tip. hope it helps.

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