Hart’s Fabric Shopping Spree!

As some of you may know, Hart’s Fabric has been generously supporting the Sew Colette sewalongs, hosted by three of our favourite bloggers: Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy; Sarah of Rhinestones & Telephones, and Rochelle of Lucky Lucille 🙂

For the Peony sewalong I was the very lucky winner of the $100 Hart’s Fabric gift certificate; and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how supremely giddy I became upon finding out I’d won!! 🙂

Having recently lost my job, fabric shopping has become more or less nonexistent for me, except for my (perhaps bizarre?) habit of filling up shopping carts on my favourite sites and not clicking ‘submit order’ lol. Kind of like virtual window shopping 😉 I’ve been doing ok sewing through my little stash but this lovely surprise couldn’t have come at a more welcome time 🙂

Where I live, the only fabrics that are tough for me to find locally are silks (my favourite!!!) and knits. So I decided that would be what I’d spend my gift on 🙂 Hart’s has an amazing selection of both, and there are a few I’ve eyeballed for awhile so it was lovely getting to finally click ‘submit order’!! 🙂

I really love how the online swatches are folds of the fabric so you can see how the light hits the colour; plus you get a much better idea of drape than you can with a flat swatch. The descriptions are thorough and very helpful as well 🙂

The customer service was amazing! Both Amy and Alexis were so helpful and friendly!! They were out of one of the fabrics I ordered so Alexis called me directly and she was awesome – she helped me pick out a replacement and I’m really excited to sew with it! 🙂 They also very kindly arranged to have my order shipped via USPS, because as any Canadian who shops online knows, UPS gouges you on the brokerage fees, and that plus shipping costs is the main reason I don’t shop online nearly as much as I’d like…. but now I guarantee I’ll be back to Hart’s for sure !!! 🙂

Without further ado, here is what I selected:

2 y crimson silk habutai:

2 y. charcoal silk voile:

2 y. copper silk cotton sateen (I’ve been drooling over this for a long while and I almost wept when I saw it in person… it’s SO beautiful!!):

and last but not least, a beautiful plum bamboo knit – I was going to get the dark plum, but they were out, so Alexis helped me pick this one! I’m gonna make a Tiramisu dress out of it! 🙂

(all images are from Hart’s Fabric and I’ve linked each fabric description to the appropriate page on their site ^_^)

Thanks again to Amy and Alexis at Hart’s Fabric, and to Sarah, Rochelle, and Erin for hosting Sew Colette – can’t wait to see what we’ll be making next year! ^_^

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