Did you miss me? :)

It’s been awhile, right???

I’ve missed blogging and this super awesome blogging community – although lately I’ve managed to start reading more blogs & catching up with what everyone’s been up to 🙂

So what have I been up to?

Well, since I started my job, I’ve gone through a somewhat tumultuous time, as the new job is not very suited to me. Add to that, I’ve dealt with the emotional runoff from losing my old job, while still doing contract work with them, and trying to stomach the dynamics/politics involved with that, not to mention a 3-1/2 hr commute every day and juggling the additional work in my diminished “free” time. I’ve had to reassess my career choices/path quite wholeheartedly in order to cope.

In short, this whole process has sucked a LOT of my time, energy, and passion from me, and I’ve been through some pretty depressing times. But I’m figuring it out, one step at a time, and while I don’t particularly relish the next year ahead, I know it will end and I’ll move on to the next chapter.

In the meantime, I have to work that much harder to regain my passion for my career and my creativity so it will be a challenge, but a good one, I think 🙂

But to end my comeback post on a very positive note, I have a happy announcement – we got a new kitten this week!!


Her name is Lola, and she’s a little fireball!!! But SO affectionate and sweet; a perfect companion for my Hutchie… look, they are already getting along and it’s only been 3 days! 🙂


I had to make do with the bad photo cause I didn’t want to risk going to get the camera & missing this moment ^__^ Also, she looks a little mangy here cause she had to have a flea treatment – ugh 😦

I was hesitant about getting a new cat after my beloved best friend (Hutch’s brother) died last year, but she is not without similar qualities to him – which I’m sure makes the transition a little easier for Hutch – but not TOO similar; she is a girl, after all, and quite the mischievous little princess at that ^_^

As for personal projects, I’m trying to work on them but it’s a LOT slower than before. Still, I count every little bit a victory, as my time is rare, and my creative energy & passion is still pretty damaged. So baby steps…. and hopefully something to show soon 🙂 Until then, God bless & keep smiling! 🙂

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22 responses to “Did you miss me? :)

  • sewbusylizzy

    So sorry to hear that you have had tough times, I’m glad you are back in the blogging world & look forward to seeing your new makes & hearing about Lola’s adventures. x

  • Gjeometry

    We have missed you!!!! Sorry to hear about your job situation, that’s never fun. BUT, Kitty and I are just tickled pink with the new addition to your family!!! She is a DOLL. So sweet and ‘whew’ that she gets along with your first kitty. Well, welcome back. Kitty and I are happy to have you.

    • symondezyn

      Thank you Catja – you’re so lovely 🙂 It sure makes my heart happy to see my fuzzy son playing again – that little minx Lola has stolen all our hearts!! 🙂

  • Vicki Kate

    Hello! Welcome back and there’s no expectations or pressure here. The job situation sounds tough, I hope you feel a little more in control soon.

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous kitten!

    It all sounds very hard at the moment, so hopefully you will find some inspiration and maybe a much better opportunity!

  • mrsmole

    Hey Girl, we all need bitter to make the sweet even sweeter! Sorry to hear you have been doing battle with work and goals and just life in general but a new kitty…how sweet and how demanding…that will brighten any dull mood! Relax and come back to sewing when you are good and ready…your readers are here and waiting.

    • symondezyn

      Thank you MrsMole – true words indeed 🙂 I’ve been reading your adventures and if anyone knows the concept of the bitter making us appreciate the sweet, surely it’s you 🙂

      Kitty definitely helps – no one can be sad for long with a teeny tiny fuzzy purring thing gazing at them with love ^_^

  • Lizzie

    Sorry to hear things have not been going well for you lately and wow a 3.5 hour commute! sounds like good kntting time (assuming you are not driving of course). Your kitty is lovely and and am sure brings joy.
    Take care

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Lizzie – she does light up our home! 🙂 Yes, the commute is brutal – I wish I knew how to knit; then again, there’s lots of transfers & walking in there so it’s probably only half that in knitting time lol.

  • Holly

    So happy to see you back, I know the good times are ahead!

  • BeautifullySewn

    Welcome back! What an adorable kitty! I hope you find time to do some sewing soon!

  • Amanda

    Welcome back, lovely! I hope things pick up for you soon and the new kitteh hugs help. I mean, how could they not with such a cute puddin?

  • Calico Stretch

    Ello ello. I’m so sorry to hear life has been a bit shite recently for you though the arrival of gorgeous wee Lola will make you smile. The work thing really sucks and I hope new beginnings are on their way. My JJ recently kicked the 5 day work week and now contracts 2 days a week so can be at home the other 3. It is magic but has been a long hard slog to get to this point.

    Oh and I hear you on the 3 1/2 hour commutes. Did that in London. Horrible horrible horrible.

    Anyways, thinking of you 🙂

    • symondezyn

      Aww thank you friend 🙂 xo

      Yes, full time freelancing is my goal too – even if I could get the “regular” job down to 2 days a week it’d be awesome 🙂 For now, I have to fit my contract work in the evenings after my day job, so I’m always working, it seems lol. Praying I get enough clients to ditch the day job after my year is up though! ^_^

      Commuting is a drag… wish there was a way to bring a sewing machine lol

      More kitty pics to follow – I promise! 🙂 Good things are meant to be shared 🙂

  • Javie

    Hope things work out for you in the long term- sometimes life gives you a lot of grief in the interim before you figure out what you really want to do and then you can really go for it. I have in the past and to a lesser extent am currently going though the same thing. Crazy thought but I found that the pain builds to a point that you suddenly get creative as to what to do next and that you may happen on that great opportunity if you keep your eyes open (or at least something less painful).

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Javie – we shall see; I believe there’s a reason for everything as long as we are doing our honest part; sometimes it sucks but hopefully we come out the other side intact & better for it 🙂 Here’s hoping that for both of us 🙂

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