An artist’s musings: knitting vs. sewing

So even though I’ve been quiet, I assure you I’ve been QUITE busy, and have a couple FO’s to show you but haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet.

In addition, I’m well ensconced now in the world of knitting. I have taken, and HIGHLY recommend Stefanie Japel’s Knit Lab course on Craftsy – I went from knowing ZERO to knowing basic stitches, patterns, increases/decreases, casting on/binding off, blocking, reading a pattern, and so much more… I didn’t even know what some of those things meant two weeks ago!! lol

I’m loving the knitting and am taking Stefanie’s “Fit the Knit” class as well now, because I want to make knitted clothes that fit me just as I do in sewing. I know I “should” try a hat or gloves before I go straight to a sweater but I don’t really want to wait lol. I seem to always want to ramp up my learning curve with new things – I’m irreverent like that 😉

Anyway, I got to thinking about the differences between sewing and knitting; not the obvious ones, but things like my process.

Because i am first and foremost, an artist, I tend to compare my other creative endeavours to painting. For example, I often have thought cooking is like abstract painting; it’s a free-for-all but you have to know what colours (ie: flavours) and textures work together.

Sewing is like watercolour painting or drawing with graphic markers: it’s creative but it’s much more planning than doing. (at least it is if you want good results). I love it, because it appeals to my OCD nature and satisfies my need to create at the same time. However, sometimes when I’m stressed or tired, I don’t feel inspired to conjure up the intensity I need to focus on sewing.

Knitting, on the other hand, is a much more tactile and organic form of creating for me, much like acrylic or oil painting. I always start with a plan but I know if something goes horribly wrong I can wipe it off (ie: unravel) & start again. Kinda takes some of the stress off, right? Not that anyone wants to undo their hard work, but at least with knitting you aren’t wasting materials 🙂 Plus I really love watching my work grow between my hands like magic 🙂

All that is cool but the REALLY cool thing is that the relaxing nature of knitting is actually allowing me to get more SEWING in!!! I’m really loving the synergy between the two & I can’t wait to wear a hand-knitted and hand-sewn piece together to embody this concept in a visual way 🙂

But, I’ve a long way to go – my very first project is still underway, and my fingers are not yet as fast as my brain ^__^

[BEHOLD: My fumbling first stitches… this scarf is gonna be SO lopsided, as I can see my work getting much neater & more defined as I go! lol]


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10 responses to “An artist’s musings: knitting vs. sewing

  • sewlittletime

    No need to start with boring things. Dive into something you want to wear I say! But Def do a tension square (or do you say swatch in us? )

    Good luck! Knitting is fun and you tube is an amazing source of help on techniques if you get stuck

    • symondezyn

      Thanks for the vote for forging ahead – YAY! I’m in Canada and I’ve only heard it referred to as a gauge swatch but I don’t think it’s a regional term 🙂 I’m getting a lot out of the craftsy class but YouTube definitely comes in handy for those things I need extra hand-holding on!! lol

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    You’re doing soooo good! I love that scarf pattern, I knit one for myself 🙂

  • MarrieB

    Your first stitches look great, seriously! I also vote for jumping right into the project you want to do!

  • Javie

    I started to learn to knit too. I like how portable it is – I can take my project while traveling and work on it when I have a few minutes. Your scarf looks great so far- much more ambitious than the simple k1 p1 scarf I first started with.

    • symondezyn

      The portability is awesome, isn’t it? I love being able to take it with me, even if I get strange looks from people lol.

      The scarf pattern looks way more complicated than it is – it just uses knit & purl stitches, so you could totally do it!! ^_^

  • Linda

    Hey thanks for letting me know that I can purchase wool of Andes Tweed.
    Did you find it expensive ? Is the scarf your working on this same yarn.
    I have a blog as well

    • symondezyn

      I didn’t actually get that particular yarn from them – I got a bunch of other ones lol. I found it very very reasonable, even with shipping 🙂 The tweed I used for my scarf was one I got from a local shop 🙂

      I’ll check out your blog too – thanks for stopping by! ^_^

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