A Birthday Saltspring & other FO’s

I promised I’d been busy & here’s the proof!:
I made this little baby in one week, even being the slow sewist I am, finishing it up yesterday morning, just in time to wear it out for my birthday yesterday afternoon!
We haven’t had summer weather the last week so it was nice to have a perfect day to wear it 🙂

I made the dress out of some beautiful Japanese cotton I ordered from Etsy, and because of the fact it’s not a lightweight, drapey fabric, I decided to make the bodice non-bloused, and unlined, and I didn’t bother with a zipper either (hence the reason it was a fast make!) The straps are tied in back so the bows don’t overwhelm my shoulders.

I also made a top from the remnants of my silk cotton leftover from my Laurel:

It’s a bad pic, sorry – we took this in the hotel room before dinner but it’s a bit tight so I opted not to wear it, which means there’s no better pics 🙂

My last make is a princess seamed skirt. It doesn’t have the best pics either, I’m afraid, but for different reasons. I’ve worn it a few times to work, but it’s cotton so it’s wrinkled by the time I get home. So I decided to just lay it out flat and this is what happened:


She’s mummy’s girl all right – loves clothes!! 🙂

And one more pic: a teaser for my next make. I bet no one will guess this one!!


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