Monthly Archives: October 2013


It’s my 2-year blogiversary today!! I knew it was coming but it snuck up on me so I haven’t got anything planned… no picturesque reminiscing, no project recap, no giveaway (cue stampeding hordes leaving the building lol)

It’s probably a good thing cause I don’t have much to show – tangibly at least. My shape has changed so showing old makes is moot, as they’ve mostly all been sacked by now. And as I work basically 2 jobs now there’s not much time to make new things so not much to show of late either.

No, the past year has mainly been spent on the internal projects of my life; surviving losses, depression, health issues, death, and recreating myself anew. No pretty pictures, but a quiet acceptance and peace, new joys & a rekindling of creative passions both old and new – there will be more to show in the next year, because of it.

For now though, just a heartfelt thanks to those who’ve stood by me & who keep reading despite the sometimes lack of pictures or positive news – bless you all xoxo