Experimentation & Personal Style

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately but busy nonetheless. I’ve found myself wandering down a lot of rabbit holes lately, as is wont to happen when one is part of an online community; I am inspired by what others are wearing, new patterns released, trends and so forth, and despite me knowing what’s best for me, I sometimes need to try new things out.

There are goods and bads in this, for me. The main bad of course, is that I spend a lot of time constructing garments that I ultimately find uncomfortable or unflattering, and thus, unwearable. The main good is that I’ve strongly reinforced in my mind what I really love wearing, and also what really doesn’t suit me.

Lessons learned:

BAD: I recently made both the Colette Moneta and Myrtle, both of which feature a softly gathered elastic waistband which does absolutely NOTHING good for my figure, despite how pretty and flattering they are on seemingly everyone else.
GOOD: I like the Moneta bodice & the Myrtle skirt, and i do like wearing knits, so if I can splice them together without the elastic waistband we may have a winner.

BAD: I recently made two different pair of pants – both with a slim fit & side zip; in addition to the numerous woes we all feel when attempting to fit pants, the realization is that I simply cannot comfortably wear anything at or higher than my waist; I just hate the way it feels & looks. Also, personally, I think invisible zips on pants is just stupid. Maybe it’s just me but I break them every time.
GOOD: I’ve identified the main few fit issues I have with pants & I think if I stick with low rise styles I may be able to get at least wearable (if not perfect) pants block with a bit of work – and that would be spectacular because I do love pants 🙂

GOOD: I recently made the Papercut Patterns Midsummer’s Night Dream dress out of silk I got in Australia & it’s wonderful; I totally love wrap & V-neck bodices. Will post soon.

BAD: I stink at the narrow hem foot lol
GOOD: I have a narrow hem foot, and the more I practice the better it gets; even imperfect edges look pretty decent – and less fussy than bias edges on delicate fabrics 🙂

In conclusion, while I don’t have a lot of tangible successes lately, my mind is more focused and I have a clearer idea of what I need to spend my time on. I’m working on three projects that are much more my own style so I hope for some successful, blog-able projects soon 🙂

And since i have no garment photos to show, here’s a photo of lovely white fabrics I’m working with – perfect for this summer heat!!


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18 responses to “Experimentation & Personal Style

  • Tia Dia

    You are not the only one that looks like a disaster the cat found in an elastic blouson-style waist. You won’t see one on me or on my blog because I will not wear them. They are only flattering on small busted people, imho. I look like an over-sized sausage, and always have… through every variation of my size. 🙂 Glad to hear the pants are almost fit to satisfaction, and I agree with the invisible zips issue, although since switching to a more heavy-duty YKK invisible zip from zipperstop.com, I’m happy to report I’ve had no more invisible zips popping. Regardless of what Fabricland says, the invisible YKK zippers they stock are the lowest quality available, and frankly, should be an embarrassment to YKK. Just sayin’…. 😀

    • symondezyn

      LOL good point, Tia – thanks 🙂 Yes, the bust definitely dictates the style; that’s something I am still learning over & over 🙂 I’ve got some pretty good “real” YKK zips, but I didn’t have any pants length ones – need to get some! LOL

  • Kat H

    Lots of learning going on, always a good thing IMO. 😉

    I totally hear you with invisible zippers on pants. They always make me nervous – just never (ever!) seem strong enough, argh! :-/

    Looking forward to seeing your Midsummers dress – and the fabric you made it out of!

  • dottiedoodle

    Such an interesting post. I’m having the same experience – when I look back at the things I’ve made, only a handful are worn regularly. I do miss being able to try something on in a shop and being able to forget about it if I don’t like it! I agree it’s a learning experience. Hope it gets easier!

    • symondezyn

      True; with shops I never got that “instant gratification” that others have; nothing ever fit there either & it was more an exercise in finding the best of all the evils lol. At least with making stuff, we are honing a skill, plus there’s a chance we’ll get a great, wearable, well-fitted item out of it all ^_^

  • sewbusylizzy

    Interesting post & thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see your Midsummer dress as I just got the pattern & want to use some silk!

  • ooobop!

    Great post indeed! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is wearing. And we are not all the same shape and we don’t have to like the same thing. That’s why we ditched the high street in favour of sewing in the first place. I have to constantly remind myself of this too btw!

  • Annabelle

    I think we all do a bit of learning by trial and error when it comes to sewing. For me, I had to tell myself to stay away from sew-alongs, because I usually end up making something that isn’t me.

    I am so looking forward to seeing that silk Midsummer’s Night Dream dress!

  • mrsmole

    Cheer up, Amanda…we all have had our share of wadders…but you may be able to find someone who is less discerning/picky that thinks your fashions are just what they need in their wardrobe and you can gift them to them. Hey, if they offer to pay for the fabric…by all means let them so you can buy more fabric for future way cool patterns.My mantra: cut large, trim away later…it saves my bacon most of the time. Love that white fabric!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Mrs M 🙂 All my friends are skinny minis so maybe I’ll just donate my wadders 🙂 Good mantra!!! I recently learned (the hard way LOL) to always cut extra seam allowance at the side seams, even with TNT’s – safer is better & not all fabrics behave the same lol

  • misscrayolacreepy

    Learn by doing, right? Trial and error can be so draining (especially without a finished garment that you love!), but at least you have learned soooo much! I am really impressed with all your hard work.

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