Named Alexandria Pants (and shorts!)

Further to my adventures with skinny jeans, I decided it was time to explore the non-bootcut style trouser in a new way πŸ™‚ Enter Named’s Alexandria Trousers/Shorts – a pattern I fell in love with immediately and had to bump to the top of the queue.

The first version of these I made from a mystery fabric in my stash, what I thought was perhaps a linen. It frayed like the dickens and pressed well, so I was probably not far off LOL.


(Here you can see the cool pleats that fold over the side pockets. Those are SO MUCH FUN to sew, and they give the garment movement and visual interest that I absolutely love.)

They turned out PERFECTLY except for some tightness in the calf (which I should have anticipated after the same thing with my Jamie jeans), alas, the first time I wore these, I knelt down to grab some shoes from the closet and RIIIIIPPPPPPP – out blew my right knee. (the pants knee, that is LOL).

I was pretty shocked, to say the least! We were on our way to do groceries so I figured, ok, I’ll wear them out for that, and then cut them into shorts when I get home, because it was probably the calf tightness that did it. But nope, shortly after I first sat down, RIIIIIPPPPPP – out blew the butt. Seriously LOL. THE BUTT. So serious, guys. I was super upset at the time, because I put a lot of work into finishing all the seams neatly, and pressing the pleats perfectly, but even though it’s a shame, it’s pretty funny now thinking about that fabric just blowing up on me LOL ^_^

So I took the opportunity to add some width to the lower part of the flat pattern, from the knee down; about 1.25″ tapering to 0 at the knee. And then I made the most comfortable, stylish black pants anyone has ever made, ever. Ok maybe not anyone, maybe just me πŸ˜›


These are made from a lovely black rayon which is wonderful to wear, but was a pain to cut and sew. I admit, I was still traumatized over the amazing exploding pants, so I didn’t take as much care as I should have, and I partly botched the waistband, in true Amanda style, and wound up with a narrower waistband than called for, so I omitted the waistband ties, which is fine – I’ve been wearing them as a dressy-casual pant like in the above photo, or with socks and heels when it’s raining, which is always these days ^_^

I also made the shorts version, in a blush pink rayon, which I haven’t had the opportunity to wear yet, as our weather has been pretty unpredictable, and not quite shorts-time. Also hence the grainy indoor pics – I continue to lament my lack of a decent photography spot…. it’s really appalling.

Lola wants them because they match her nose ^_^
Lola wants them because they match her nose ^_^

Will I make these again? Damn straight – probably the next time I spy a fun print in a lovely drapey fabric – and since I wear the black ones all the time (ALL the time) I’m guessing I’ll probably have to make another pair of those too ^_^ πŸ˜€

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26 responses to “Named Alexandria Pants (and shorts!)

  • Tia Dia

    Wow. Exploding pants! That would have made me cry. Love your second version – they look great on you!

  • gingermakes

    Whoa, these are so chic! What a bummer about the first pair! I’m glad you made another pair because they’re so good!

  • fabrickated

    OMG – exploding trousers – that is such a traumatic experience. It could have been so embarrassing. I wonder if you continued to wear the first pair what else would have happened? Would they eventually have fallen down completely?? Was it the linen that was woven too loosely for the stitch? Or were they just way too tight? Doesn’t look like that kind of pattern.

    Having found a good pattern though you went and made them in black and they look really beautiful. But the lighter colour would have been so nice for summer. Search for that fun print right now… And I hope the cat’s nose shorts behave – the grey cord is a lot of fun.

    • symondezyn

      lol I’m so glad they never got the chance to humiliate me, Kate! ^_^ it was definitely the fabric although the weave is a normal density; perhaps just weak/cheap material? If I didn’t have a queue and also have to start thinking about wedding sewing soon I’m pretty sure I’d make ten more pairs lol – but if that perfect fabric crosses my path, I’ll make an exception ^_^

  • sewlittletimeblog

    Lovely! The shape is great on you. So annoying about your bad fabric – not fair! I’m about to start on the ultimate trousers – scary!

    • symondezyn

      oh! I’ve heard lots of good things about those!! πŸ™‚ they look like a nice versatile style – looking forward to seeing your version! πŸ™‚ Pants aren’t too scary once you get the hang of those weird pattern pieces; they’re actually a lot of fun! ^_^

  • sallie

    Oh you poor lady!! Exploding pants!! Lol!! I’m so sorry. If it makes you feel any better I once made a dress out of a very similar sounding fabric and upon first wearing proceeded to bust holes in every seam from the hips down! So you’re not alone! But I love the black version. So SO chic!! Such a great casual, yet put together look!

    • symondezyn

      lol Sallie – were you close enough to home that you could rescue your dignity? ^_^ oddly, my seams all stayed perfectly intact; it was the fabric itself that exploded!! lol

  • LaraG

    You know, when I saw the original release of this pattern, they did not speak to me at all. YOUR version, however, is positively striking! And now I really want to make these pants…. As if I didn’t have enough backlogged patterns! πŸ˜‰

  • Chris

    omg, pants exploding on you! That really should be forbidden, as per the home sewist’s code! The pants were great while the lasted, though! I’m well impressed that you gave the pattern another chance after behaving so badly

    • symondezyn

      haha I agree – exploding clothing of ANY kind should be forbidden! πŸ™‚ But it really wasn’t the pattern’s fault at all; just terrible exploding fabric lol. I really loved the first pair & it would be a shame not to make them again & again ^_^

  • Annabelle

    Oh dear, that is pretty traumatizing! I’ve heard a seam rip while putting something on from time to time, but never had the garment explode (probably because I haven’t ventured into pants sewing quite yet). I’m so glad you gave the pattern another go, I love the black rayon pair. They do look very stylish, slimming and comfortable.

    • symondezyn

      LOL Annabelle I think that fabric would have exploded no matter WHAT I made it into; in fact I might make a shirt for Maz out of what’s left, just so he can pretend to be the Hulk lol

  • mrsmole

    I’m with Lola…those pink shorts look delicious but the black pants are perfect! It was worth it to have exploding pants to make a good blog and force you into making a second pair. We learn something on every pair just by picking different fabrics. Some linen pants/shorts require taping the crotch seam to prevent stretching and some don’t…it’s a gamble. Can’t wait for you wedding sewing to commence!

    • symondezyn

      That’s a good tip on the linen, Mrs M – thanks! I’m gonna make a pair of linen trousers for summer so I will try that for sure! πŸ™‚ The exploding fabric though, I think I can safely say was entirely a fluke; the seams held perfectly but it completely deteriorated at the cross grain – so weird! πŸ™‚

  • Calico Stretch

    Oh hell exploding pants! I’ve done that too ….. Poor you but then you got amazing styley (stylie …. I dunno how to spell that) coolness so all is right with the world.

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  • My first Me Made May – a brief recap | Symon Sez

    […] comfortable, easy basics and separates most of the time. Other than my PJ’s I wore myΒ Alexandria trousersΒ to death (I even inspired a woman at the fabric store to make a similar pair!! […]

  • Sheree

    This is weird. I have just finished making these and after some previous disappointing makes, felt really happy with them. Like you, I took a great deal of trouble and I was so pleased with the fit and style. Last night I put them on to go out and at the very last minute bent over to reach something and the lower inside leg split. So upset!

    • symondezyn

      agh!! that’s such a bummer!! What kind of fabric did you use? I hope you persevere and make another pair! πŸ™‚ I’ve been wearing my black rayon ones to death – love them!! πŸ™‚

      • Sheree

        It is a “peach skin”. A sort of grey drapery fabric. I wore them all day yesterday indoors. Still with the split, but needed to test out the other seams. All OK. Will try to repair it now I can feel confident with the rest and yes, will certainly make another. I am thinking of a wool crepe in black. Will cost a lot more, but I hope it will not crease and be lightweight enough for the drape needed.

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