It’s Elementary, My Dear

So no big deal, I just sewed a bra & stuff πŸ˜‰


Yes, this is the oh-so famous Watson by Amy of Cloth Habit πŸ™‚

Because of my love of corsetry, I have been tempted to try sewing lingerie for awhile but nothing has motivated me enough to actually DO it (I hate sewing knits lol) until I saw this pattern. They just don’t make soft cup bras for large cup sizes, so I was really intrigued to see how the fit & support worked; at least for lounge purposes.

According to pattern I’m a 36F, but there were no pattern pieces for that so since my RTW size is 36DD I cut a 36E.

It is still a little big: there are some vertical drag lines at the top of the cup (which you can see more on me than on Patience); a little gaping under the arm & the top of the cup sits a little too high: all indications I need to go down a size, according to the sewalong – so next time I’ll try a 36D.

Construction was pretty straightforward: the instructions are thorough, illustrations were spot on, and really clear & helpful. However (as a noob) I was still a bit confused on the strap construction. My straps ended up too long, for one thing: there is a guideline for length at the beginning but no provision for adjusting later if you’re like me & do something wrong lol: I inserted it through the slider wrong like a dope, so I just went back & fixed it after I smartened up πŸ˜‰

Also, the outside gives a nice finish with the topstitching but there is no accommodation for inside seam finishing in the pattern so my insides look a bit messy; no biggie but I might serge my edges before construction next time.

As a side note, I later discovered quite a bit of extra info was all covered in excellent detail on the sewalong including fit adjustments & more details on construction. Very helpful & answered some of my lingering questions after I’d finished πŸ™‚

I did find when attaching the cups to the cradle that I had 1 cm extra on the cups at the side seams; I ripped out & inserted the first cup twice, ensured the center notches were matched, and I still had this on both sides so not sure if the pattern has an error? I trimmed them off flush with the band & it worked fine πŸ™‚

The nitty gritty: it’s comfortable – much more so than an underwire bra lol. Support for large cup size is not bad! – definitely less than what an underwire bra gives, but more than braless lol; it gives a more natural silhouette – kind of “support lite” – definitely nice for lounging & looks seamless under tshirts.

The back sits quite low and the front is a nice deep V, which i quite like; would be great option for a lower cut dress in front or back; something I’ve never even considered as a larger cup size since the only other option is braless and that’s not an option at all lol.

One last thing: my supplies πŸ˜‰ I want to shout out to Caroline from Blackbird Fabrics – I purchased one of her kits to make this one & not only was it lovely & of great quality, she is just a peach to deal with πŸ™‚ I love being able to support a local company and my credit card hasn’t cooled off since my first purchase there lol πŸ˜‰

In conclusion: my first foray into bra making was pretty successful! I learned a lot and am looking forward to perfecting my fit (I’ve started critiquing my RTW bra fit now too lol) πŸ™‚ I also really loved that it was so space friendly: tiny pieces mean less fabric consumption too, and there was still enough room for Lola to share my sewing table ^_^ 


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22 responses to “It’s Elementary, My Dear

  • sallie

    Ooh love it!! I am very intrigued by this pattern, but am on such a tight budget at the moment it’s hard for me to cough up for lingerie sewing kits. Especially since I know the fit of the first one will be off! But I’d probably wear a bra like this daily! Love your color combo too. That green feels really modern!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Sallie πŸ™‚ I hear ya; you can’t really muslin a bra – you pretty much have to just wing it since you can’t try it on til it’s done, and fabric matters to fit so much πŸ™‚ That said (depending on what size a person was) there seems to be enough fabric in most kits to eke out a second one if you re- use the findings, so the value is pretty good πŸ™‚

  • Chris

    Very nice! I had to laugh at the “critiquing RTW bra fit” bit. Will it ever stop??!!

    • symondezyn

      lol I know right? The more we learn the more we realize how good fit feels I guess πŸ™‚ Some of my RTW ones fit well but others not so much, and because of my size there’s little choice for me in terms of style, plus I have to pay a small fortune for well made ones, so I’m weighing the balance: is it worth the trouble? lol

  • Tia Dia

    Kudos to you, Amanda, jumping on the lingerie wagon! You’ve sorely tempted me just because I’ve got similar fit issues as you. I love the colour combo of this.

  • Annabelle

    Looks fabulous! I’ve been thinking about giving that pattern a try as well – I want to wait until I’m done having kiddos though. My body has been constantly changing for the past two years – so I’ll need a little more body stability before I sew something that needs to fit so exactly.

    I love the fabric you chose, it looks very sophisticated! Not that I spend time thinking about what kind of lingerie fabric you would choose to sew with, but this bra does seem very much like an “Amanda bra”. Hope that doesn’t sound weird πŸ˜‰

    • symondezyn

      Hahahaha! Oh Annabelle, you are too cute – since I’m the one posting my unmentionables all over the internet, I could hardly think YOU’RE weird, could I? ^_^ I think you’re very thoughtful actually; I never even considered what might be my style when choosing my fabric πŸ™‚

      I think this would be a perfect pattern for you to try since there are no underwires, the fit is pretty forgiving πŸ™‚

  • oonaballoona

    well she’s loverly! oh, bras. i had to take a bra break, too mindbending what with sister sizes! hey, i wonder what the sister size is to a 36F, maybe you can try that?

    • symondezyn

      LOL bra break – if I start thinking about sister sizes my brain might pop ^_^ I thought you had got a good fit, though? Your floral one was so lovely πŸ™‚

      Since the E was too big I’m thinking the F or it’s equivalent might be as well. I’m gonna try the D first & if that doesn’t work, I’ll just alter my E since I know what needs adjusting there πŸ™‚ After all, I’ve hacked & slashed before; it can’t be all that different right? (famous last words? lol)

  • dottiedoodle

    This is beautiful! Well done you!

  • Jo

    Wow! A bra is on my “one day” list! πŸ™‚ this is awesome! Makes me think I should consider Watson as a starting point…

    • symondezyn

      thanks Jo! πŸ™‚ you could totally make a Watson; you have way more experience with knits than me, plus there are no underwires or anything complicated πŸ˜‰

  • mrsmole

    A soft bra and a soft kitty…perfect combo for a perfect day. You amaze me with your projects and keep me coming back for more!

  • fabrickated

    How nice to see a bra in an unusual colour – I wait patiently for my favourite bra to come in something other than B, W and Coffee (ie nude). Also intriguing to see you making a bra that reveals the exact anatomy – most RTW bras appear to banish the nipple. Great work – I just can’t see myself doing one of these but it does look comfy.

    • symondezyn

      thanks Kate! I am wearing it quite a bit and still not sure if the long line is for me, but the pattern comes in a bralette as well, so I might try that πŸ™‚ Soft bras are definitely a different silhouette and it’s nice to have options from the basic 3-colour underwire RTW choices, for sure ^_^

  • Summerflies

    I was just thinking tonight that I’d like a soft bra for sleeping or slouching around in the winter (our winter at least – no heating and my house is cold!). I just couldn’t see this in a larger size. Thanks also for the tip on fixing the bodice of my dress. I would have done it on the tissue as I did tissue fit the bodice but I think the heavy drape of the rayon doesn’t help. Thanks! Glad I now know your blog!

    • symondezyn

      aw thanks – it’s so nice to know I could be of some help πŸ™‚ I know that the Watson has a pretty good size range & that Amy (the designer) has posted a lot of helpful sizing and fit adjustment tips on her blog, so I’m sure you could make it work for you! πŸ™‚

  • Calico Stretch

    Ooo cripes you’re clever. I’m so impressed!

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