My first Me Made May – a brief recap

I know there are mixed feelings out there about Me Made May, but I was kind of excited to participate in it for the first time this year, because this is the first year I’ve felt like I actually have enough self made garments to make it plausible.

That said, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do daily photos, but since the point of MMM is not necessarily to share your daily outfits, but to challenge yourself and learn something, I did want to find a way to make it worthwhile. So I decided to keep a journal, noting what I wore, and what (if any) lessons I learned along the way.

The lessons I learned were interesting. Early on I realized I wasn’t going to be able to put together an interesting variety of cute outfits like many bloggers do. I simply don’t make certain aspects of my wardrobe. Like t-shirts. I wear them all the time, with everything, but I don’t make them. Why? It begged the question: is having self-made items the important part for me?

The honest answer is that I didn’t get into sewing because making is the important part. I got into sewing because first and foremost, I was tired of never being able to feel good in my clothes. I could never find anything that fit me properly, in fabrics and styles that felt like me. I also make for the joy of learning, and I’ve found myself being stuck in a bit of a planning rut at times, following a list I made instead of making what feels right. I’ve begun to change that, and follow my instincts instead, which is working out quite well 🙂

Ultimately, knowing it’s handmade is a bonus for me, not the main goal, so if areas of my wardrobe are not covered, it’s not a big deal (ie: tees, workout wear, lounge wear, bras & undies). That said, with thought and attention, I’m beginning to notice where these “missing” areas could use improvement, i.e.: the length in my pj pants (which, like trousers, in RTW, are always at least 3″ too short LOL)

I had pledged to wear at least one self made item per day. Except for two days in the beginning, I was able to achieve this. That said, there were a LOT of repeats. I mean, a LOT. As in, if it wasn’t for those PJ’s I made, I would have only made it about half the time. The rest of the time saw me choosing comfortable, easy basics and separates most of the time. Other than my PJ’s I wore my Alexandria trousers to death (I even inspired a woman at the fabric store to make a similar pair!! LOL)

Inspired for my obvious need for easy-to-wear basics, I also managed to sew a couple new things while I was over-wearing my favourites LOL. I made a pair of black linen trousers (unblogged), a white acetate cami (self drafted, shown below) and another Mission Maxi from some delicious bamboo knit (my beloved black one needs a break after being over-worn every summer for the past three years LOL.)

Mission Maxi in stripy bamboo jersey

Mission Maxi in stripy bamboo jersey

stripe matching win! not so easy in jersey :P

stripe matching (almost) win! Not so easy in jersey 😛

self-drafted cami in white acetate

self-drafted cami in white acetate

getting better at the narrow hem!

getting better at the narrow hem!

So I feel like it was worth my while to participate in Me Made May. It challenged me to put some extra thought into why I make things, and what I should focus my attention (and precious time) on, going forward. I have also learned to let go of my very rigid and structured way of planning things, and allow myself to make what I FEEL like making, because ultimately, those are the things I enjoy both making AND wearing… and really, in the end, if it’s not enjoyable, what’s the point? 🙂

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6 responses to “My first Me Made May – a brief recap

  • fabrickated

    You really did well, and produced such a thoughtful post. I recently met a young woman who sewed, and chucked out, around 100 garments, before she felt able to actually wear any of them! I really like the maxi dress – instant hit.

    The neat little hem is so impressive – did you use any special tools to get it so beautiful Amanda?

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Kate! I used a narrow hem foot but it’s tricky to keep the fabric fed properly so it keeps tucking the raw edge in the whole way; I keep practicing though & getting a little better each time! 🙂

  • Tia Dia

    Great post. I love your approach to MMMay. The first time I participated (I think it was actually Self-Stitched September) I had only dress-up type me-mades, and it was exhausting dressing up all month. Never mind the daily photos. Love how you’ve filled in some wardrobe gaps, and love that striped maxi. And good on you for drafting a cami! Woo hoo! Drafting is not a boat (like undies) that I will ever set sail on. And that is one fabulous narrow hem. 🙂

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Tia! 🙂 I definitely struggled because the seasons changed so rapidly & I was stuck with not much to wear, so I had to think quick! lol I think drafting would have been easier had I spent the time to work out a proper bodice block first (someday!) but this has been a weird convoluted approach lol, and many many muslins later I’m finally getting close! ^_^

  • mrsmole

    Make what pleases you and wear what pleases you and eliminate any pressure to have to make anything that ends up being an exercise in wasting time. Your tops and dress are just perfect basic pieces that you can mix with other things to look very put together. The more thought you put in ahead of time, the better the finished garment. I don’t believe there is anything called over-thinking or over planning. I have bought fabric and stored it…some for over 30 years or 40 now and I feel no pressure to make it work until just the right time. Your sewing techniques are improving with each item and your fitting and getting used to your body is marvelous…just keep doing what you love and add some frilly cuffs to those pajamas, Amanda!

    • symondezyn

      wise words, Mrs M 🙂 I love planning and making lists but when the time comes to actually MAKE the things on the list, I’ve learned that if I’m not feeling it, I have to be able to let it go or it won’t get the attention & care it needs to be done properly 🙂 So true about the stash: the fabric will tell you when it’s time! 🙂 Not sure I’m a frilly cuffs kinda girl, but fear not! I’m planning on making another pair in rayon satin, so the sheeps won’t get threadbare too fast lol ^_^

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