NL 6096 & Shiseido Event

Recently, I entered to win an invitation to a VIP event in Vancouver, presented by Shiseido Canada in partnership with renowned beauty expert Dave Lackie and celebrity makeup artist, Nina Westbury. When I  learned I was one of the lucky recipients, I could hardly believe my luck! Back in the day, when I was a makeup artist myself, I would attend product launch events sometimes (and loved them!), so it was a really lovely treat to be able to meet these wonderful people in person and participate in an evening celebrating beauty once again 🙂

As the event was hosted in a lovely candlelit room, my pics are a bit grainy, but I wanted to share them anyway as I think they will get the point across, and you’ll forgive the image quality, right? 😉

I had never been overly familiar with Shiseido products, but my perception was that they had quite a good reputation for quality, and I was not wrong. They place a lot of focus on research and technology, employing over 1000 scientists purely for the field of research into skin care breakthroughs, and even have their own wing at Harvard.

lovely packaging for a lovely product

lovely packaging for a lovely product – Shiseido Ultimune

The event was held at a hotel downtown Vancouver and the care and attention put into the decor and presentation was impressive 🙂


Raspberry flavoured champagne and peonies by candlelight 🙂

The gorgeous table settings and room atmosphere

I was fortunate after the event was over, to have the opportunity to chat one on one with the hosts – all absolutely LOVELY people and so generous with their time, taking a moment for everyone who wanted to talk 🙂


Me getting to meet some of the loveliest people in the beauty industry! Clockwise from top: Elaine Shigeishi, Shiseido Vice President; Dave Lackey, beauty editor, and Nina Westbury, makeup artist


Sweet, sweet loot!! A swag bag for everyone attending, including eye shadow palette, mascara, eye makeup remover, eyelash curler, and a generous sample size of the new Ultimune Eye. We also received a lipgloss, which has already replaced my previous favourite and taken up permanent residence in my purse LOL.

And for anyone who is interested in what I wore, I made New Look 6096 in a lovely cotton eyelet from Blackbird Fabrics. It was a pretty quick make, but because of the construction method, you really can’t check the fit until it’s done. The top of the bodice and waistband use elastic for fitting, but there is SO MUCH EASE built in that the fabric poofed out quite a bit, between the waist and the bodice top edge. I pinched out a 2″ wedge on each side and sewed it down, elastic and all LOL. Thank goodness my machine is a beast, and can handle half an inch of layers! It’s not perfect, but makes the dress wearable, and I think it works well enough. Obviously, were I to make it again, I would adjust the flat pattern considerably to ensure a better fit.

The bodice instructions call for the fabric to be self-lined but because I was using eyelet as my main, I used a cotton batiste to back it (which I was going to do anyway LOL). In addition, I drafted a short lining for the skirt bit, because, eyelet LOL. I left the lining short enough to allow for several inches at the bottom where the eyelet could shine on its own.


All in all, a pretty wonderful evening was had – I met some great people, had an excuse to make a cute new dress, and I am looking forward to trying all the new products!! 😀

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12 responses to “NL 6096 & Shiseido Event

  • Annabelle

    I love cotton eyelet! I’m always on the lookout for it, because it makes such a lovely dress, and yours is no exception. What a perfect dress for a summer beauty event.

    I’ve seen the Sheseido counters at the mall, but am not overly familiar with the products. It sounds like a fun event though!

  • ooobop

    Not heard of that make but sounds fab and wow what a lovely evening. I do like a bit of a do! Your dress is fab and it probably won’t surprise you to know that I’m currently looking for some black eyelet!! ;-))) x

  • fabrickated

    It is so nice to go to this kind of event from time to time – what a treat. The peonies and table settings were stunning. And you look so nice and happy in your lovely summer dress and denim jacket. It is an interesting looking fabric – I think we call it Broderie Anglaise. Or is that something different. Anyway – thanks for sharing and I hope all your body parts are now soft and glowing.

    • symondezyn

      lol thanks Kate! I hope I’m soft & glowing too but I think I’m a bit too sleep deprived for that! I love a good night out but it’s tough to recoup when it’s on a Monday lol 😉 I wonder if you could call this Broderie Anglaise? It’s certainly similar, but not sure if it qualifies, being black?

      • fabrickated

        Yes BA can be black, and it does seem to be used interchangeably with the American term. Here is a definition:
        Broderie Anglaise (“English Embroidery”) is a type of whitework needlework that usually features eyelets and buttonhole stitches. (Whitework means white thread on white, blackwork means black stitching on white).

        I always confused eyelet with broderie anglaise (it is a common mistake as broderie anglaise HAS eyelet holes in it) but broderie anglaise is more elaborate and much more time consuming and often features floral patterns.

        It became popular in the 19th century in England and may have come or been inspired from the delicate and ornate Ayrshire needlework (Scotland). Broderie anglaise was mostly used on linens, undergarments, and christening gowns.

  • Cecilia

    What a great evening, for sure you won’t forget it. Thanks for the pictures and for sharing.

  • mrsmole

    Lovely evening and lovely dress…so nice to see eyelet use with vertical stripes instead of horizontal! So flattering and your lipstick color is gorgeous on your skin!

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