Oh la la – I made a bra!

Yes, the bra making adventures continue! 🙂

So after I made that first Watson bra, I adjusted the fit on the cups, ripped it apart & re-sewed. Probably should have just re-cut and re-made the whole thing from start to finish, just salvaging hardware, but now I know better 😉

Next, I made the Pin Up Girls Classic Bra, following the Craftsy course – it’s a fabulous course & taught me a whole bunch! 🙂

The fit was not ideal on my first draft. I was actually pretty upset at first because I thought I might need another cup size, which would mean I’d have to buy a new pattern, but the lovely and wise Beverly suggested I might just need a little extra added to my upper cup so, just like you would with any other garment muslin, I cut a slice into my upper cup and bam!! I had a better fitting bra – it was pretty comical how my bust just kinda sprang into place with that little extra room lol. The wedge I added to the pattern is pretty big – 1.25″ – and I haven’t sewn it up yet but when I do I’ll share my findings 🙂

Next I decided to try the Orange Marlborough Bra. I love the style and had a kit from Merckwardigh I was willing to sacrifice for a test run lol. The lace is a stretch lace, white with black detail, so I decided to play with this by lining the lower cup, bridge & frame in white, the power band in black, and leaving the upper cup unlined. You can see the contrast better from the inside but the subtle contrast is nicer on the outside.

I doubled up the lace for the band, and used the lace scallop as the bottom trim on the back band, but finished the frame at the bottom in band elastic as normal. I also had to cut the width at the back band down quite a bit to fit the 2×3 closure on.

I would probably prefer the feel of the band being in powernet next time but otherwise, I love the way it looks and feels! 🙂

I was thrilled that the bra fit and looks great on without adjustment so I bar tacked the underwire casing closed and sewed on a pretty jewel at the center. Will DEFINITELY be making this beauty again!! 🙂 

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14 responses to “Oh la la – I made a bra!

  • sewbusylizzy

    Wow this is gorgeous!! You must be proud of yourself – and tempted to rip your shirt open and show it off (well maybe not that crazy but seriously what a great bra!).
    When you say you lined the lace – what did you use?

    • symondezyn

      thanks, I am pretty proud of it! ….although not enough to disrobe in public… or on the blog for that matter lol 🙂

      Because the lace is stretchy, for the cups, power bar, bridge & frame, I lined it in non-stretchy sheer cup lining, to make those pieces more stable 🙂

      • sewbusylizzy

        I’m with you on the disrobing on the blog… I made the Watson but never blogged about it. I got the Secrets to Sewing Lingerie book yesterday. I think I will make some things – as much for the sewing skills as the garments. I’ll definitely blog the book… and the projects I complete… not modeled though as they are rather racy!

        • symondezyn

          yeah I hear ya; while it would be nice to be able to show the shape a bra gives, it’s hard enough for me to model a dress or trousers, let alone undies!! lol 🙂 I love the way Amy from Cloth Habit shoots her makes; they look so ethereal and pretty 🙂

  • ooobop!

    So incredibly pretty. How lovely to have unique and perfect fitting undies! This is still something I’m very scared of! Good job, lady x

  • Tia Dia

    Wow. It’s so pretty! Kudos, Amanda!

  • mrsmole

    This bra is one of the nicest feminine bras I have ever seen! So many on other blogs look like you could buy them in a store…yours looks so custom and the fabric so dainty and yet sexy…what a winner…too bad you cannot wear it on the outside!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Mrs M! Such a lovely compliment! 🙂 Although I probably will make some boring basics, I would like to focus on making pretty underthings ^__^ Unlike my clothing, I can actually buy well-fitting bras in store, but they cost an arm and a leg, and I can never find them in pretty colours in my size 🙂 Figured I could remedy that by learning to make them LOL.

  • Fabrickated

    Gorgeous work girl! It must feel so nice to be able to get a perfect fit and to choose your colour schemes and fabrics. I have never teied to make a bra. Maybe one day.

  • Robin

    I found your blog through Mrs.Mole’s blog – and I agree that is a gorgeous & inspiring bra!!

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