Wedding Planning, Designing a Dress, and KITTENS!

Well I knew this would happen but I thought I’d be better at managing it: I’ve become a bad blogger due to being immersed in the throes of wedding planning. I have nothing very meaningful to blog about, since my future husband reads my blog and while nothing else at all about our wedding is traditional, I am trying to keep anything bride-related secret from him, or as much as I can do, living in an apartment together ^_^

We are just having a small wedding; less than 20 people, but the planning is still a lot more stressful than I anticipated! There is still just as much work to do, only it’s on a smaller scale. Fortunately, we are doing pretty good ticking off our to-do lists.

For me the biggest hurdle to cross, of course, has been making my dress. I initially thought it would be exciting, an amazing challenge, and such a fun project. But I quickly became overcome with all the different choices, and in trying to decide what style of dress to make I found myself overwhelmed: what if I picked the wrong style and regretted it? You only get one shot… what if I picked something too boring and it wasn’t “special” enough? What if I picked something too difficult and I didn’t have the skills to execute it? What if? What if? What if?

Finally I settled on a design, and then I had to try and find a pattern. Again, the stress… should I just draft it? Am I really that crazy? But every pattern I looked at had some feature that wasn’t quite right so I would end up having to change it anyway. Then, miraculously, I found a vintage Dior pattern that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

The next hurdle was fabric. Readers, you’d think this would be the MOST fun part, and I honestly thought it would be (and I still think it SHOULD be!). I spent a lot of time and money selecting and ordering swatches, paying a small fortune in shipping just to make sure I got it right. I picked my perfect fabric and ordered it, and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, two months later, my fabric still hadn’t arrived. Long story short and a bit of a nightmare later, I had to source a new fabric from a new supplier, and start over.

So fast forward to about a month ago, and I FINALLY got my fabric, my pattern, now it was time to start doing the fitting. And boy, do I hate that part LOL. This is a designer dress, which means it’s constructed in as few pieces as possible – which sounds easy but when you have to do a massive FBA it’s not. Not only did I have to figure out the fit on a very odd bodice, but then I had to decide – woe of all woes – how in blazes I was going to construct the thing. Because the instructions – vintage, bless them, call for overlocked seams, and we all know that’s just not acceptable on a WEDDING DRESS (at this point I do realize it’s ridiculous how much angst I’m causing myself). So for the last few weeks, I’ve been simultaneously making a test garment, as well as agonizing over all the possible ways I could finish the insides.

Now, I’m almost ready to cut into my beloved fabric. Readers, I’m kind of terrified. Because there is something about making your wedding dress that lays bare all your shortcomings which you are very adept at hiding from yourself in regular garment making. I am not fastidious. I have a tendency towards impatience, which leads me to rush and cut corners. I am also running out of time. I am terrified my dress is going to end up some nightmarish creation of bollocks that looks like a cheap, badly fitting polyester taffeta Halloween costume purchased hastily at the 25th hour from the dollar store. Which considering how much time and money I’ve invested in it, would be a terrible travesty.

So, I’m trying to force myself to take it slow, thinking and planning, and not rushing. Which means the blog gets neglected.

Which is good, because I have nothing to blog about anyway LOL.

So in the meantime, here are some pictures of our kittens – they are growing SO FAST!!!

Katydid & Cricket

Upside-Down Cricket

Katydid & Cricket

Katydid in a Basket

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20 responses to “Wedding Planning, Designing a Dress, and KITTENS!

  • mrsmole

    Relax, Amanda…your dress will be lovely and fit well and no one will know all the thinking that went into it. Wedding dresses certainly have serging inside…lots of it! They also have little bits of fabric covering the ends of boning and both types of zippers, lapped and invisible…wedding dresses come in more varieties than you can count and unless it is casual enough, you will never wear it again and unless you have the photos on display, no one will remember your dress but you…sad but true. When is the date?

    • symondezyn

      you are wise, Mrs M, and if anyone knows about wedding dresses, it’s you! 🙂 Without revealing too much, at least some of my seams will be visible so as crazy as it sounds, I’m thinking of Hong Kong binding them in my self fabric. I will post pics on here after the date if it’s not too embarrassing haha ^_^ The wedding is October 31st – but that doesn’t make it ok for it to be a cheap shoddy costume! lol

  • Tia Dia

    Wowee! Congratulations, Amanda! And how exciting, terrifying and ambitious of you to make your wedding dress. I am sending all positive thoughts, energy and lots of time you didn’t know you had your way. So excited for you! You will look beautiful, and the dress will be wonderful. Enjoy the process – stitch a lot of love into it!

  • scruffybadger

    Hopefully all you needed was to share your sewing stresses with other people who would get it ( ie in the sewing blogosphere!) and the sharing has helped?! You know how you’re going to approach it and you know what is personally acceptable and what is not. Maybe now you can enjoy some of the creative process as that’s probably a goal too? All the best with the next part of the preparations and the kittens will keep you sane!

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Winnie – you’re right – being in a vacuum with my own neurotic brain is just not good lol – it’s definitely helpful knowing you guys understand! ^_^ kittens are kind of INsane – but in a really good way! 😀

  • Chris

    You will do just brilliantly, you do know that, don’t you?! Your post did make me look back fondly towards pre-internet times though. When I made my wedding dress in the late 90s I just went to John Lewis, bought a few metres of fabric, bought an overlocker and cobbled the whole thing together in a couple of weeks (overlocked seams, questionable seam insertion, wonky hand-stitching and all) and felt fantastic about it all – because I did not know any better and there were no sewing blogs that could have taught me differently. Mind you, I was 27 at the time, so I probably would have looked good in a potatoe sack,,,

  • ooobop!

    Are you kidding?! This is a great post! Totally sums up all that is part of making such a special dress. Don’t be afraid of cutting that fabric. You’ve done your testing. It works. Take time for sure but enjoy every single little stitch. It will be amazing. And you will be so proud. And I can’t bloody wait!!! (ooops no pressure!) xxx

  • Anne W

    Congratulations!! I’m sure your dress will look fabulous on the day and as Mrs Mole says, wedding dresses definitely can have overlocking inside. Don’t stress yourself out too much and enjoy the process! Good luck xx

  • bimbleandpimble

    Lady, you are going to ROCK THIS! Breathe slow, have some gin breaks and kitty cuddles and own this frock 😀

  • fabrickated

    You are a very good seamstress Amanda and you know how to fit for your lovely figure, so your wedding dress is going to be amazing. It is a big commitment but for those of us who enjoy sewing, partly for relaxation, it can be something to help us calm our nerves and focus for what is inevitably a slightly stressful, but also completely wonderful day. You little kitties are exceptionally cute. I love the lying down from above shot – really special (those nibbleable pink paws)

    • symondezyn

      aww thank you, Kate 🙂 When it comes to sewing, I do tend to be hard on myself & focus on my shortcomings rather than seeing my strengths – particularly now 🙂 It has helped being able to work through some of the initial tricky decisions, and I hope the final result will be amazing as you say 🙂

      Yes, the kittens are all kinds of adorable – they are such a joy! I love photographing them – they’re always being cute! I love their sweet little kissable toebeans too! ^_^

  • BeautifullySewn

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it!

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