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Catching up – better late than never!

Well hello again, if anyone is still reading this… haha. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!! I stopped blogging because I was busy getting ready for the wedding, and now it’s almost our first year anniversary! Yes, we’ve made it almost a year without killing one another; I’d say it’s going well LOL. Ah, true love >.<

I haven’t stopped sewing, I’ve simply gotten out of the habit of shooting and blogging what I sew… to be honest, I’m not sure I will get back into it the same way I did before, but I felt compelled to write this entry at least ^_^ These days, I’ve been much more active on Instagram, as it just seems to fit into my lifestyle better, but I do miss writing sometimes so I think I’ll try and pick up the blog again, even if it is different than before. There’s a possibility that there’ll be more food, cats, yoga, travel, and art though! LOL

Anyway, here’s a few highlights from my year, in terms of sewing:

My wedding of course:


Mr and Mr Ruston – I’m wearing my handmade wedding jacket here. The classy bound buttonholes belie the rockstar attitude lol


wedding family photo left to right: my sister, Christina, my mom and stepdad, me, my husband, his mom, and his best friend Kyle.


we got married outside and the morning was VERY windy – it kept blowing my dress around! LOL

To be honest, I wasn’t in love with my dress. I hear a lot of girls saying they loved their dress, it made them feel like a princess, blah blah blah… but frankly, that kind of puts a lot of pressure on a garment doesn’t it? Especially one you made yourself! I put a LOT of work and planning into this dress, and a year later I look back and I don’t hate it, but it was not the magical fairy garment I thought it would be. Here’s the thing, though… when I finally got in front of my husband to be and we looked into each others eyes, what we were wearing, where we were, and who was there didn’t matter. Only the fact we two best friends were standing there together, mattered. I hope everyone who gets married has that feeling ^_^ ❤

I have made several unblogged garments since then and I think my skills have improved considerably. I’ve learned to pay attention to what I actually wear, and spend time making those things. Not surprisingly, a LOT of my wardrobe is made up of Named patterns.

Since the wedding I’ve made:

  • plaid PJ pants
  • Colette Wren in black French terry (long sleeved, slim skirt option)
  • BHL Georgia dress in wine and black brocade
  • 2 x Named Quinn blouse: one black, one white… I wear these ALL THE TIME and am planning a nice casual plaid one, which I will probably wear to death as well ^_^
  • my second pair of Named Jamie jeans in a black brocade, which i straightened the leg from the knee down for a more dressy slim trouser look.
  • Named Olivia wrap dress in blue raw silk knit (also worn a LOT, and am planning another)
  • Victory Patterns Sophia Skirt from Boundless Style – love this and would wear it a ton more if it wasn’t such a wild, distinctive print; I need to make one in a nice neutral solid or a more subdued print, and then I’d live in it ^_^
  • Vogue 1323 (OOP) blouse in a blue pansy print
  • a pair of Burda pleated trousers in a thin wool suiting; never wear these because they are way too tight at the calf; I’ve learned I need to make MAJOR calf adjustments when I’m sewing fitted pants LOL
  • Named Lexi dress in a shibori viscose print – I love this dress, and was super pleased with my print placement on this one, need to shoot/blog it soon
  • Named Astrid wrap pants in black tencel viscose twill – love these, they are perfect for the office in summer; light, flowy and comfortable 🙂
  • two Grainline Lark tees – love these, and have more planned
  • Named Grace corset top in a lightweight denim shirting
  • Victory Patterns Trina wrap top – need to shoot/blog this soon!! So pretty!
  • self drafted tank top in a metallic/silk blend for my birthday (photo below)

Self drafted tank top and BHL Holly shorts – Ben the Turtle helping me pose and celebrating in Las Vegas for my 40th birthday!! ^_^

  • two pairs shorts from the BHL Holly pattern – this pattern is definitely a TNT for me; I’ve made four garments now from it and am planning a fifth.
  • self drafted tank dress in Nani Iro double gauze
  • Closet Case Files Sophie swimsuit!!! The first swimsuit I’ve made and the first time I’ve been photographed wearing one since I was basically a toddler LOL (photo below because I’m crazy like that… no judgement please! LOL)

Closet Case Files Sophie Swimsuit in action at the pool in Las Vegas!

There have been a couple of duds in addition to this, mostly due to bad fitting and to some degree, bad fabric. But two duds in this huge pile of wins  is a lot better odds than I used to get! ^_^

Anyway, that’s it for now; I’ll hopefully try and get the next post up before another year passes! HA!