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Congratulations Vicki Kate! :)

Those of you in the sewing community probably know the lovely Vicki Kate – she was one of the first people I met when I started blogging and I consider her a dear person and a special friend 🙂

So when Annabelle (also a lovely person and a dear friend!) suggested we get together and hold a handmade virtual baby shower for her, I was happy to participate! 🙂

I thought it would be nice to make something cosy for the little one, so I knit a little cardigan! 🙂


I used a soft washable wool blend in a cream colour, so either a boy or girl could wear it 🙂 I admit I don’t know much about babies but I think it’s maybe a bit bigger than newborn size lol ^_^ Also the pattern didn’t specify how long to do the sleeves so I kinda guessed – who knows how long baby arms are? lol

Lots of love & best wishes, Vicki!! Congratulations on the new addition to your family! 🙂

And check out the other lovely and talented ladies who made stuff for Vicki & baby!:

My Miette! :)


My first cardigan – finished – YAY!!

(goofy pose courtesy of my lovely man, who when I did this in jest said he liked it so this one’s for him because he loves me enough to photograph my makes when there’s dinner waiting LOL)

I’ve been simultaneously also making a Sedum so it probably took me longer than it should have, but I have issues with knitting project monogamy LOL.

I found this pattern to be a little intimidating for a first cardi – even though I’ve already made a pullover top, some of the instructions required a little leap of faith (what? you want me to BREAK MY YARN??) but the pattern is flawless, so if you knit it, trust it – it’s sound 🙂

The sizes go from 34 to 38 and I’m finding a 36 typically fits me the best so I had to do some math… ok a LOT of math to get this one to fit. So basically it’s a 34 at the beginning/yoke, with increases to the 38 bust but with the stitches re-configured so there’s more at the front where there needs to be and less at the back where I don’t need them. Yeah it’s confusing. You should see my pattern sheets. It looks like a deranged particle physicist got a hold of them and madly scribbled formulas all over it. I’m not sure how I managed it but it worked somehow LOL. I also added an extra repeat of the pattern above the bust darts so they actually appear below my boob, and give me some much needed extra length to COVER said boob.

The yarn is Soft Donegal – a lovely merino tweed with a richly saturated dye, a relatively new product at my LYS – 88 Stitches. It was expensive but um yeah… look at the colour. I had to have it 🙂 No regrets 🙂

Side note: one thing I really like doing to justify my love of expensive fabrics (and now yarns), is compare similar garments in similar fabrics in RTW – dudes, that’ll make you feel good about expensive habits, lemme tell ya. Hats alone are going for $70 – imagine what a pure merino little number like this would go for – and it wouldn’t fit nearly as well 😉

I wore it like the above pic to work (this is me after work, and after making dinner and lunches and then working some more LOL… plus I need a haircut something fierce so don’t mind my rumpled-ness) but even despite that, the sweater still looks great so that’s cool! 🙂

I took a pic with it all buttoned up just for grins but I probably won’t wear it like this unless it’s with a cute skirt or something… which, incidentally, I’m supposed to be sewing and is sitting on my sewing table half finished, collecting cat hair, but I am currently battling my hatred of zippers LOL.


And now the aforementioned Sedum, in progress, with bonus CAT:



Knitting Catch-Up!

Hey, guess what? I’ve been knitting!!! And I LOVE it! 😀

I personally can’t believe how much I’ve learned in just a few short months (and perhaps more surprising, it’s been mostly unselfish makes too!! LOL). The first thing I ever made was a top, which I’m wearing in the photo but which I gave to my sister:


four hats, one for Maz, one for my niece, and one for my friend, as well as one for myself:



two pairs fingerless gloves; the red ones for me to match my hat, and the black ones for Maz, although I’m wearing them in the photo LOL – they’re too big on me 🙂


and two cup cosies for Christmas presents (I’m teaching myself cables on a third). I’ve also got two cardigans half made. Seriously. In three and a half months I went from not even knowing how to hold needles to all that!! 😀

For anyone out there who’s intimidated by knitting I strongly suggest you give it a try! It’s incredibly soothing, and so non-threatening: even the stuff you don’t know how to do is easily learned, as there’s TONS of great books, blogs and YouTube clips of any technique you come across that’s unfamiliar 🙂 Plus it’s portable – which is why I’ve been able to do so much in such a short time even with my crazy schedule 🙂

I’ve found myself taking strongly to circular needles. I’ve grown a very respectable collection of interchangeables in both wood and stainless steel. I use them for everything, even flat knitting 🙂 I love the circulars so much, I even taught myself Magic Loop, (which, for anyone unfamiliar, is a technique for knitting small things like gloves or socks with one circular cable rather than using double pointed needles).

Anyway, i have so many more exciting projects on the horizon and I’ve even managed to build up a YARN STASH haha!!! Who could resist surrounding themselves in soft, squishy balls of wool, alpaca, merino, cashmere and silk in every weight and colour of the rainbow??

Do you knit? Are you a public knitter? How big is your yarn stash? lol

An artist’s musings: knitting vs. sewing

So even though I’ve been quiet, I assure you I’ve been QUITE busy, and have a couple FO’s to show you but haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet.

In addition, I’m well ensconced now in the world of knitting. I have taken, and HIGHLY recommend Stefanie Japel’s Knit Lab course on Craftsy – I went from knowing ZERO to knowing basic stitches, patterns, increases/decreases, casting on/binding off, blocking, reading a pattern, and so much more… I didn’t even know what some of those things meant two weeks ago!! lol

I’m loving the knitting and am taking Stefanie’s “Fit the Knit” class as well now, because I want to make knitted clothes that fit me just as I do in sewing. I know I “should” try a hat or gloves before I go straight to a sweater but I don’t really want to wait lol. I seem to always want to ramp up my learning curve with new things – I’m irreverent like that 😉

Anyway, I got to thinking about the differences between sewing and knitting; not the obvious ones, but things like my process.

Because i am first and foremost, an artist, I tend to compare my other creative endeavours to painting. For example, I often have thought cooking is like abstract painting; it’s a free-for-all but you have to know what colours (ie: flavours) and textures work together.

Sewing is like watercolour painting or drawing with graphic markers: it’s creative but it’s much more planning than doing. (at least it is if you want good results). I love it, because it appeals to my OCD nature and satisfies my need to create at the same time. However, sometimes when I’m stressed or tired, I don’t feel inspired to conjure up the intensity I need to focus on sewing.

Knitting, on the other hand, is a much more tactile and organic form of creating for me, much like acrylic or oil painting. I always start with a plan but I know if something goes horribly wrong I can wipe it off (ie: unravel) & start again. Kinda takes some of the stress off, right? Not that anyone wants to undo their hard work, but at least with knitting you aren’t wasting materials 🙂 Plus I really love watching my work grow between my hands like magic 🙂

All that is cool but the REALLY cool thing is that the relaxing nature of knitting is actually allowing me to get more SEWING in!!! I’m really loving the synergy between the two & I can’t wait to wear a hand-knitted and hand-sewn piece together to embody this concept in a visual way 🙂

But, I’ve a long way to go – my very first project is still underway, and my fingers are not yet as fast as my brain ^__^

[BEHOLD: My fumbling first stitches… this scarf is gonna be SO lopsided, as I can see my work getting much neater & more defined as I go! lol]


Will knitting make me look old? lol

I always knew I’d eventually cave but today I decided it’s time to learn how to knit!

Honestly. I have no clue what I’m getting into here; unlike when I started sewing, I have no background of familiarity to draw on, so it’s gonna be… interesting lol. I look at knitting “patterns” and haven’t the foggiest what they mean… I don’t even understand the most basic terminology.

However, I’ve been really inspired by Lladybird and Tasia of Sewaholic, as well as many other of you talented bloggers & I can no longer resist the lure of making cute, chic cardis and sweaters in colours and yarns of my own 🙂

So! Join me in my adventure if you will – I’m sure it’ll be good for a few laughs, and maybe I’ll make something cool somewhere along the way! 🙂

I enrolled in the Knit Lab class on Craftsy & joined Ravelry. Anyone who wants to add me (I’m Symondezyn) I’d love to stalk your makes, and will welcome any help or tips you’d like to share – I’m a complete, utter noob at this!!!!