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The Baby Doll Blouse for Giants

This post is a filler of sorts and an embarrassing way to amuse you loyal blogging buddies of mine… I am about to post some of the most unflattering horrid pictures of myself, in hopes you may get a chuckle too lol – I know I did!

Some of you may be familiar with Christine Haynes‘ book Chic & Simple Sewing; a lovely sewing book aimed at beginners but with some really cute styles that will appeal to all skill levels.

Well I decided, during my beginning stages of fitting the Truffle back in the beginning of march, to make a wearable muslin of the first top in the book; a simple short sleeved, yoked blouse. The sizing in the book is a little limited, but since my high bust measurement matches the bust measurement of the L, and the styles are not overly fitted I figured I could make it work.

I was diligent enough to measure the pattern pieces at the most fitted part and the bust, to make sure it wouldn’t be too tight (snort) but I did not think to go further than that so I was not prepared for what ensued…..



Ok bad hair, bathroom shots, cell phone self portraits and gray yoga pants aside…. LOOK AT ALL THAT EASE!! I totally look preggers!! Which I most assuredly am NOT – I promise! I kid you not, I took a total of at least 14 inches of ease out of the waist and about 8 off the hips, grading between – and that still leaves the top very loose, not fitted or shaped at all!

After shot: still not the best fit but more wearable for sure:


I was laughing so hard at my side view in the second pic, the top creating a tent pitched by my boobs; this top is crying out for some shaping in a big way!! I guess it’s not a very good style for me without some serious adjustment – but there are some other lovely, more fitted styles in the book I’m still gonna try 🙂

All in all a valuable lesson… reminding me why I decided to learn how to custom fit garments in the first place… the world of fashion is not made for the generous of bust! lol… and the moral of the story, kids, is that I should never wear loose fitting clothing. Ever.

The end.