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Triple T’s

Tailor Tacks & bias Tape… three T’s that may be more on the tedious side of sewing but I’d like to take a minute to share some positive things about them 🙂

I use chalk to mark some things but for marks that need to show for awhile, especially after I’ve handled the fabric (like zipper marks) I’ve found tailor tacks work best.

I’m making the Colette Licorice dress and there are several collar pieces, all with small and large dots to be marked, for the tucks. So how to distinguish them? I decided to leave large tails for the large dots and small ones for the small:


I also decided to make bias tape for the first time, using my beautiful teal Bemberg lining instead of the crinkly gauze self fabric:


Hopefully I’ll have more to show soon!

Also I got fabric for the Hazel today:


My mum & I went shopping & after scouring the entire shop to no avail (unless you count the gorgeous silk cotton with embroidered border for $40/m which I was still coveting as we left) this soft, pink print was the only one we both liked – and lucky me; it’s technically quilt backing so it’s 107″ wide, meaning I only needed a meter!! 🙂 It was buy one get one free so I got a meter of another fabric for a project TBA, and that means my Hazel fabric and the other one were only $10 each – not bad!! 🙂