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Black Sheep PJ’s for Mum’s Day

My beautiful mum loves sheep, and she has always said she is the black sheep of her family… and while our family was considerably smaller, I grew up feeling the same way. My mum taught me it was ok to be different, and sometimes even a good thing; as long as your values are solid, which because of her, they are 🙂

So for Mother’s Day this year I was inspired by this fabric from Blackbird – it’s a Japanese cotton with little sheeps all over it – I thought, what if I made her some pj pants, and coloured in just one little sheep to represent her black sheep persona? 🙂

And what if, I made myself a matching pair so we could be black sheep together as mum and daughter?

So with this idea germinated I went forth and did just that 🙂

(pic of me in mine… no pic of mummy in hers, but she was pleased with them nonetheless)


Closeup of the two black sheeps:

black sheep

I did some test sheep first, to decide what medium to use to colour them in, and did a wash test to determine which would wash the best. I chose to use acrylic because it gave a kind of wooly look once it had been washed:


And just because it’s been a trend lately, I’ll include another pic of Lola: