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2 F.O.’s: Colette Jasmine & Sewaholic Renfrew

I’m WAY behind in my blogging and I’ll be perfectly honest as to why: I HATE taking photos of my makes.

I should specify. I hate GETTING someone to take photos of me WEARING my makes. It’s a pain, and the lighting in our apartment is poor even in broad daylight in the summer. (which it’s not lol)

Anyway, enough excuses; I figured I’d get this post out of the way to catch me up; I made two of my SWAP items and they’re both tops you’ve seen on every other blogger so I figured if there were no shots of me, that’d be fine lol

The only adjustments I made to both was an FBA; on the Renfrew though it was a simple grade since it is a knit. This is my second and third top now, and it’s becoming clear to me that I need to lengthen my tops by about an inch and a half – mainly because I wear my skirts and pants below my natural waist. So next top I’m definitely implementing that adjustment too.

Here is my Jasmine:

I made the view with notched sleeve cuffs and the smaller collar tie. Everything turned out nicely except the sleeves are a little tight.

And here is a closeup of the collar on my Renfrew; I made the short sleeve V neck version. I had to eyeball the double stitching bits ’cause I only have a single needle. The collar was a bit finicky to do at the V part but I’m happy with the result 🙂


Sorry for the copout photos, folks – my next post will have proper shots, I promise ^_^