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oh the humanity…


Yes, that’s a zipper. Clinging on for dear life to the shredded remains of my Licorice seam allowance.

I was all set to finish Licorice yesterday and it was all going fine until I tried it on after the zipper installation – front: fine; back: an ugly puckery disaster 😦

All I can figure is that I should have cut the lining a bit bigger to compensate for the inherent stretch quality of the cotton gauze the shell is made of. I shoulda known!! *facepalm* I didn’t think of it cause it’s not a “stretch” fabric, but still. Duh.

So I detatched the lining from the zip and it fixed the problem but now I had lining hanging open at the back. No one would know but me, but I’D know, and it bugged me lol. So out came the zipper, and now I need a new one cause – well, you can see why lol.

I trimmed a little off the seam allowance and am attaching 1″ bias tape to my lining on both sides in the hopes that will even it out enough to work.

All I can say is,
wearable muslin? the verdict is still out…
… learning experience? definitely.