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Slow Food to cure what ails ‘ya

There is a definite trend going on lately; people in creative or productive slumps… and I’m no different, sadly. I don’t know why – feeling tired and lethargic and just plain blah – I WANT to want to, but I can’t seem to bring myself to actually DO lol.

My lovely friend Lavender had a marvelous solution to this, and it’s one I’ve utilized myself in the past, in one way or another: getting back to basics by immersing yourself in the creation of slow food. Her recent forays include the making of cheese, yogourt, and home made mayonnaise. Lovely!! πŸ™‚ She’s been kind enough to post her recipes and processes for the former two here.

Slow food is exactly what it sounds like: the opposite of fast food. It embraces the concept of going back to our basics and making something entirely from scratch that we could easily buy from any corner store. Why? Well for me, I do it because I care about my (and my partner’s) health: about avoiding the amount of salt and preservatives in prepackaged food, and striving to eat as cleanly and as organic as possible, and taking control over the quality of ingredients in the foods we consume.Β For example, I never buy “instant” anything – if I can make it, I will. Aside from making dishes that can be bought pre-made, I also make the components that go into them, such as bread, sauces, dressings, etc. and quite often things like noodles, pizza dough, and even ice cream and sorbet!

There is also the aforementioned (and incredibly powerful) therapeutic value in making things yourself. Something that took all day to make is just inevitably going to be more satisfying than picking something up from a drive thru.

So this weekend I’m going to venture forth and attempt to make my own mayonnaise for the first time. I’m thinking a lovely garlic one or one made with herbs…. or both! πŸ™‚ I’m also thinking of taking the afternoon on Sunday and making some noodles for lasagna (made with my own home made sauce of course)… if you haven’t ever made your own noodles, totally do it! They’re amazing, delicious, and so worthwhile! πŸ™‚

The Creative Doldrums

[NB: I love that word “doldrums” – it reminds me of a book I read when I was a kid, The Phantom Tollboth]

Normally, I find inspiration everywhere – in doing research for design projects, in reading other people’s blogs and seeing what they’re creating; in fashion, in advertising and in every aspect of regular life. Often I have dreams about projects i’m working on, even working out problems I’ve come across – it’s very helpful when you wake up with that TA-DA!! fresh in your mind!! LOL.

But recently I’ve been plagued with the designer’s nemesis: chronic tension headaches which turn into migraines, for me. Weekends are my mecca: the only time I really get uninterrupted to really work out problems and gain ground on any projects I’m working on, and I spent half of the last one in bed, totally non-functional, with a massive migraine.

Needless to say, this has put a great damper on my creativity, and my drive and motivation has taken a plummet this week. It doesn’t help that Pastille is kicking my butt!! Ok it’s not the pattern’s fault, let’s face it – blame it on my inexperience, but I thought fitting a basic sheath dress would be a lot more linear and logical. As it turns out, it’s a wild wild ride, friends. LOL. I’m only hoping and praying that the things I’ve learned I can pass on to the next project and maybe it won’t be such a nightmare LOL.

The bright side is that I’m visiting the chiropractor today, for the first time in years, and hoping they’ll be able to fix broken little me LOL. In the meantime, my better half kicked my butt into gear last night and made me work on Pastille for an hour. Evil man. What would I do without him? πŸ™‚