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Four times a charm

As I mentioned pre-weekend I’ve been tired and unmotivated lately, so I thought a little slow food would cure me. Not quite LOL.

Perhaps if I’d stuck to something at least relatively familiar, or even refrained from trying a new machine, it would have. But I’m a difficult girl lol and I like challenges.

What I DON’T like is not getting something right the first time… or second… or even third. I’m telling you, my kitchen was a war zone of greasy components, swearing, and three unfortunate batches of broken mayonnaise that never emulsified. YUCK!! I almost gave up…

Almost 🙂

But this is me. I know myself and letting it go would have bothered me internally forever. So I tried one more time and…


Success! I then took a third and made a buttermilk ranch dressing and turned the rest into a positively delicious herb garlic aioli… YUM!! 🙂


So… I’m still tired and lethargic but at least I can say I had ONE victory this weekend 🙂