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Maria Denmark – Pernille dress


So I’ve never made a Maria Denmark pattern before but as soon as I saw this one, I knew I HAD TO have it; it’s knit (so it’s comfortable), plus it’s my preferred kind of silhouette – a nice slim pencil skirt with a semi-fitted shape. No gathered or full skirt here! Not that I mind one occasionally but they seem to be rampant lately, and honestly, they’re not the most flattering on me, so if I use a pattern that has one, it requires me to re-draft the skirt bit to make them work 🙂 Not so here – it was a nice easy make!! 🙂

Conveniently the dress comes in two different versions, one with regular sizing and one drafted for a C cup. I started with the latter, so I wouldn’t have to do as big an FBA. I did do a traditional FBA, for this, as per usual – sometimes I can get away with just grading sizes if I’m using jersey, but I was using ponte & it’s not as stretchy as jersey. I debated whether to keep the dart in, and I could have in this fabric (the back has darts to give it shape) but I decided to just try easing the extra length of the front into the back piece. No problem – easy peasy!! 🙂 The only other alteration I made was to make the sleeves longer (again with the monkey arms LOL)

The pattern was well drafted, instructions clear, and even being a dress, the pdf pattern didn’t take much paper to put together, so I felt it was very well designed. It’s a great basic I’d love to make again.

If we’re honest here, I should be calling this the Dress that Almost Didn’t Get Blogged, because I only wore it once before the weather got too warm to wear it. So I finally decided to wear it just for photos the other day, but it was super hard to photograph; it almost caused a small war in our household but got it done in the end LOL – only one photo was decent, but one is enough (even if one has to screen out the very attractive apartment in the background LOL).

It’s definitely a great work basic & is warm & comfortable for rainy days; of course, as I mentioned, just as I finished it our weather fined up & I haven’t been able to wear it; now I need summer dresses! lol But the next time it rains, you better believe Pernille is gonna be my first go-to 🙂

My Pattern Pyramid Make: DKNY Vogue 1027

The Pattern Pyramid is on its way to the other side of my fair country, and I’ve finished my chosen pattern! 🙂

I moved it up in the rotation to keep the spirit of the pyramid alive, and because it’s a great versatile dress I knew I could use right away.

I chose this pattern, Vogue 1027:


I used a charcoal jersey I bought on my meetup with Andrea. I wanted the skirt shorter and less full, so I redrafted the skirt as an A-line. I also decided I wanted long sleeves, so I used the sleeve pattern from a basic tshirt pattern and redrafted the armscye to fit, as the original pattern has the cap sleeve built into the bodice pieces.

I had to make some minor adjustments but I was really happy with the results – a long sleeve dress is awesome in winter, with fuzzy tights and boots!!

Please excuse the grainy quality of the pics; the lighting in here is terrible! 🙂


I didn’t add the elastic casing at the waist, as the way it’s constructed, the tie is sewn on, sandwiched between the bodice & skirt so it’s pretty bulky there. I don’t think I’d attach the tie if I sewed this again.

All the hems, side seam, and the neck/front bodice opening call for a double stitch finish. I sewed the double seams with a single needle on my machine, eyeballing it. I did not use my serger at all, though I could have for the construction seams.

Closeup of the pleats on the bodice:

I liked this feature!! 🙂

All in all, a very comfortable, wearable dress that I’ve already worn once and will wear lots, I’m sure! 🙂