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Colette Mabel: Pencil Skirt

Oh knit pencil skirt, where have you been all my life? You are classy yet comfortable, both before lunch and after – you make me feel good AND look good when it’s raining.. or I’m tired… or it’s that time of the month – anytime, and I’m POSITIVE every girl needs you in their life! 

Colette Mabel skirt

I LOVE this pattern, folks!

To be  honest, I wasn’t immediately blown away by the innovative-ness of the designs of Colette’s 2 new patterns – after all, I have a LOT of patterns at this point and if I’m going to buy another, it needs to be different enough from what I already have to make me open my (admittedly quite loose LOL) wallet. But upon further consideration, there were 2 things that struck me on each that tipped the scales: V3 of the Mabel skirt has panels and a back vent – nice details that make it a little more office-friendly.

Colette Mabel - front and back vent

And after checking out all the initial versions of Moneta, the one common theme I noticed is that the bodice looks to have an immaculate fit (plus it can be made as a top) and the sleeveless version of the bodice is lined – something I’ve never tried before with knits.

As my time is very VERY short these days, knits are my new best friend – both sewing and wearing – so basics in knit fabric are EXACTLY what I need. Bonus: no finicky fitting & no closures – fast & painless! So even though I’m really trying not to buy new patterns, Colette’s 2 new patterns got ordered pretty quick.

Some construction notes (although it’s quite a simple make so not much to say): I graded between M at the waist and S at the hip (didn’t bother with a muslin – yay stretch!! :D). My fabric is a stable ponte, I think a rayon/poly/spandex blend – a remnant from a soon-to-be blogged project. Yes, it was a very little fabric – less than a metre I believe! I attached all my seams using my serger, and then used a twin needle for the hem. 

Mabel is a quick make – I was done in 2 evenings – including tracing (which translates to less than 2 hours in Amanda-land) I will definitely be making more of these, and a Moneta too, very soon! I only wish I could source more good quality knits locally – they are not easy to come by here, so my knit stash is sparse, otherwise I’d be making an army of these skirts, pronto!! 😀

Next up on the blog – another quick knit wardrobe staple I’m in love with! (hint: the project from whose remnants my Mabel was born!) Stay tuned!