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Sew Colette: Licorice finished!

Colette Licorice Dress

Don’t mind my pasty legs lol but after an hour trying to shoot this thing inside, unsuccessfully, outside was the only way to go 😛 (here’s a closer up pic though, which shows the sleeves @ collar better)


This dress took me forever!! For a “wearable muslin” especially. In addition to my usual FBA, I shortened the sleeves and made them a bit narrower, which i like, cause otherwise there’s just too much bulk pointing to my chest, which doesn’t need emphasis lol.

I also shortened the hemline which turned out to be a bad idea. Too short now, by about an inch; although it might be ok with tights in the fall.

Then there was all that business with the lining, which I’ve already described so I’ll not go into that again 🙂

All in all I like this dress. The style is comfortable and pretty, and I’ll likely make it again 🙂

So… Sew Colette finally finished; albeit a month late lol. I learned A TON from sewing through the Colette Handbook. Fitting & altering patterns, underlining, lining, zippers, sleeves, making bias tape… I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m proficient at any of this stuff yet but I’m a lot less scared to tackle it now 🙂

I’ve also met a great deal of wonderful people through this, and I’m really looking forward to continuing the fun with Sew Colette 2.0!!

Already got my Hazel traced, pattern altered, and muslin cut!! See you all soon! 🙂