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WIP: Bombshell bodice finishing details

The bodice part of my dress is complete! I hand sewed the boned lining into the dress last night, and the zipper guard and waist stay today. Here’s a pic showing all three:


Next up: halter strap! 🙂

Licorice saved!!

Hallelujah!! It’s saved!!

By no means is it perfect but I managed to get it ‘wearable’; which is exactly all it was meant to be 🙂

As aforementioned I removed the old zipper, pinked the remaining shredded back seams, and reinstalled a new invisible zipper to the outer shell.

Then I added bias tape to each of the lining seams, and attached the other side of the bias tape to the (new) zipper, which added about a half inch on each side. (see below)

Turns out that little extra ease was enough to make it work! Yay!!


The zipper is still a bit wavy but not the horrid puckery mess it was the first go round. Here is the new improved back view:


I still have to finish the collar seam at the top of the opening, slip stitch closed the belt, and press everything but I’m really glad to have finally gotten the tough part done!

Pics to follow when I’m done, then on to Hazel!

oh the humanity…


Yes, that’s a zipper. Clinging on for dear life to the shredded remains of my Licorice seam allowance.

I was all set to finish Licorice yesterday and it was all going fine until I tried it on after the zipper installation – front: fine; back: an ugly puckery disaster 😦

All I can figure is that I should have cut the lining a bit bigger to compensate for the inherent stretch quality of the cotton gauze the shell is made of. I shoulda known!! *facepalm* I didn’t think of it cause it’s not a “stretch” fabric, but still. Duh.

So I detatched the lining from the zip and it fixed the problem but now I had lining hanging open at the back. No one would know but me, but I’D know, and it bugged me lol. So out came the zipper, and now I need a new one cause – well, you can see why lol.

I trimmed a little off the seam allowance and am attaching 1″ bias tape to my lining on both sides in the hopes that will even it out enough to work.

All I can say is,
wearable muslin? the verdict is still out…
… learning experience? definitely.