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Comeback Weekend!

After a really long hiatus of general malaise and being very unproductive, I’m finally back to myself!

I’m SOOOOO behind on the Truffle dress for the Sew Colette, as I’d only cut out the bodice for my muslin. It’s due today so that means I have to do two projects in April to catch up lol. So today I did the fitting. I anticipated a 3/4″ fba (1.5″ total) so I worked that in right away, and was bang on – yay!

I also had the same back neckline gaping issue as with the Pastille (a full 2″!!) so I had my dear man pin off the excess then at the suggestion of my mum, trimmed off 1″ at the top center back tapering to 0 at the waist on each side, then redrawing the grainline parallel. Worked great!

On a side note, I just gotta figure a way to fix the Pastille now, preferably without removing & re-installing the zipper. I was thinking of enlarging & lengthening the back neckline darts, which just means I’d have to remove/reinstall the back neck facing (no biggie) Any thoughts? 🙂

For the Truffle remaining pattern pieces, I also made waist adjustments at skirt and drape pieces to match the front bodice, moving darts & notches to match as well (yay me lol). Tomorrow I’ll cut and begin sewing 🙂

I also made the executive decision to wad my blue chiffon blouse after laughing about the ridiculous fit with my mum. It was unsalvageable I came to admit, so on to greener pastures!!

On a brighter note, the Meringue is definitely salvageable so I painstakingly ripped the bottom facing off, redrew a gently curved hemline, & cut off the scallops, making it a much more flattering length for me. Just gotta hem it now! 🙂

I also finished another project I’ll post pics for this week! 🙂

Meringue skirt

Meringue skirt

Meringue and my Fabric Stash

Well the Meringue came to life yesterday (almost). All was going swimmingly until I got to the hem. It wasn’t til I turned the facing and began attempting to press the scallops that I realized the fabric was a little too drapey to hold them. Still I pressed on (ha, pun) and got about halfway through the catchstitching before I admitted this was not going to work.

Ok so now I have a rough game plan to save this otherwise lovely skirt:
– first, unpick the catchstitching (sad but at least I’m getting really good at it!)
– second, try to trim down seam allowance in the points more to get more definition
– third, sew a second line of stitching along the scalloped edge to reinforce the shape
– fourth, if all else fails, remove the facing, cut and sew a straight hem

If I have to resort to that, I’ll make a second Meringue in stiffer fabric so I can have that pretty hemline on one at least 🙂

On another note, at the wise advice of Joanne from Stitch & Witter, I created a list of my meager stash and a table to organize it, despite the fact I had to guess at a few yardages, and didn’t know the widths on most lol. She was right though – better to start now before it gets out of control!! lol

I’ll be trying to save the Meringue tonight so updates are soon to follow 🙂