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From Triumph to Frustration


Ok had to get that out.

So after my last triumphant post I forged ahead and finished my dress. Tried it on and BAM! Front neckline gaping. WTF!! Am I cursed to never have a properly fitting neckline??

I think it showed a little on the muslin but not nearly this much and once I tucked in the seam allowance it went away. My fashion fabric is a bit heavier than my muslin but it shouldn’t make THAT much difference.

More importantly I really am baffled at what is causing this problem & it’s really driving me CRAY-ZAYYYY!

Anyone have any knowledge to share on this one? HELP!!

Update: pics of my neckline:



After I took these pics, I unpicked the facing and shoulder seams & smoothed out the excess. This resulted in a narrower shoulder seam and a much better looking fit. I’ll have to adjust the back shoulder seam of course, to match – let’s hope this fixes it!

Other than that I have to say, I REALLY like this dress! It’s simple, chic, and flattering. I can’t wait to get it finished so I can show you! 🙂

Update again:

So after much unpicking, the aforementioned adjustment resulted in me cutting off a section of the shoulder that looks like this:


It works but a part of me suspects there must be a less convoluted way of getting there lol. Oh well, every experience adds up to a little more knowledge! Onwards and upwards!