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Pattern De-Stashing!

Hey Peeps!!

So I have a bunch of patterns, right? I was, perhaps, a LEETLE overzealous when I started sewing and bought tons, just to let them sit there LOL. Problem is, I realize now that many of them are the wrong size, or just the wrong style for me. However, they’re brand new, uncut, and I kind of want to replace some of them with the right size or with patterns I will actually use. So while I will probably host a giveaway at some point, at the moment I’m gonna be a bit selfish here and try to make a few bucks to fund my pattern replacement 😛

If you’re interested, I’m listing them on PatternReview, so let me know here or there if you want to snap any of them up. Cheers!! 🙂 – A





Giveaway Winner!

The giveaway winner, chosen randomly by my awesome iPhone app, Answer! is:


Congrats!! I’ve sent you an email with the deets! 🙂

Thanks to all who entered & be sure that though this was my first giveaway, it will definitely not be the last, so keep reading!! 🙂