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Isn’t ‘pants’ a funny word? Having British heritage and enough mates in the UK who laugh at the North American usage of the word, I get why it’s funny, but somehow saying the word ‘trousers’ doesn’t feel right to me either, (although I do try, to be correct lol)…. but for the sake of my Canadian-ness, in this post, I’m calling them pants! ^__^

True to their name, I personally think pants are also very weird to sew. Unlike dresses, tops, or skirts, where the pieces make sense even on their own, pants pieces have strange shapes and go together in a weird way that doesn’t really start making sense until they’re almost done! 🙂

Now mind you, this is coming from a girl whose only pants sewing experience prior to my current UFO project was a very very inhumanly large pair of fleece jammie pants; a discouraging first foray into the world of adult sewing about three years ago, which I promptly chucked aside in disgust and which led me to give up sewing for another couple years lol.

Having said that, my talented mum assures me that sewing pants is easy; probably because it doesn’t come with the fitting issues that our upper bodies necessitate; but then, that too remains to be seen ^__^

So without further ado, I give you the first glimmer of recognizable pants pieces from my UFO – Simplicity 2562 Amazing Fit PANTS – yeah that’s right, they are officially called pants! lol

Bias bound edge of front yoke (check out my freehand edge stitching!


Front and inside pocket shots – I made pockets, yo!! Including more gratuitous freehand edge stitching action:



So far, the instructions are very good; even for a total n00b like me lol. I haven’t yet run into any area that has baffled me; sometimes I have to read the step I’m working on twice & triple check what piece I need to use – but so far so good. I’m taking it slow. These pants are NOT made for running 😉

I would like these to work out but I’m being realistic; this is a pretty tall order for my first pair of pants; yoked pockets, fly, contoured waistband. So if they don’t, I’m ok with that 🙂 I’m finishing this UFO no matter what, and if it turns out to be a science experiment then I’ll just take notes & try again ^__^

What’s your preference? Pants? Trousers? Leg decor? LOL ^_^ How about sewing them? Do you find it harder or easier than other garments?