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Adventures in Vintage Patterns!

So now that my UFO is an FO and behind me, my next project on my SWAP is a vintage shirt dress made from Maudella 5184, which I won from the lovely and generous Handmade Jane 🙂

I’m sewing this alongside my friend Annabelle, who is also sewing a vintage shirtdress from a different pattern 🙂

This is the first time I’ve worked with a vintage pattern, and it’s an unprinted one to boot! 🙂

Today I traced off all my pieces, which was quite a nice experience compared to modern patterns, as there’s only one size. Also instead of tracing with the pattern below the paper, I placed it on top, allowing me to draw right through the punch hole pattern markings. Very pleasant, and an interesting change!

I really love the comic book style hand lettered instruction sheet; check it out:

I then proceeded to do my usual FBA, reducing the amount by half, as the pattern is 2″ bigger than the size I usually start with.

I wasn’t sure if the pattern would be noticeably too big so I opted to do the FBA first before I did an overall resize, then made a bodice muslin to try it out.

I also did some minor waist adjustments to both the bodice & skirt front.

Well as it happens the bodice was WAY too big, everywhere but the waist (as I’d already adjusted that) so I took an inch wedge out of the front and back bodice, in a straight line from the center of the shoulder, tapering down to 0″ at the waist on both, and re-sewed my muslin. Much better!

As I’m using my vintage Simplicity sewing book to help fill in the blanks on my instructions, I’ll leave you with my favourite ad on the back cover:


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