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my first giveaway win, unsolicited compliment, & sneaky peek!

I’ve been remiss in not posting this sooner but awhile back I won my first giveaway: 3 m of this gorgeous ricrac in one of my favourite colours; bright orange – from the lovely & talented Karen of DidYouMakeThat


I received it in the mail a couple weeks ago but really wanted to have a project plan for it before I posted it… but I’m drawing a blank! I really want it to be used for something special cause I love the colour so much 🙂 Ideas? 🙂

Also as a side note I got my first non-friend or family compliment on a me-made item today; ironically the baby doll blouse I blogged about here. I did make it small enough to wear and it’s the only me-made I’ve worn to work… and voila! compliment from my boss’ fashion savvy wife; I didn’t tell her I made it, though cause I’m really not proud of it lol.

And now for a gratuitous cat pic (and also a sneaky peek at my Taffy fabric!):