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Sew Colette 2.0 – Hazel Dress finished

I did it! I finished in time for the sewalong! WHEW! That was the fastest I’ve ever made ANYTHING!

Here’s I am wearing it with a hoodie, waiting for the bus to go get fish & chips with my hunnie 🙂


The dress came together pretty quickly actually, after I figured out how to do the FBA. I only made a quick muslin for the bodice to test it, then worked out the minor stuff as I went along.

One thing to note for those of ample chest like myself, I felt the straps were far too narrow, made as per instructions on my muslin, so I made them about 1/2″ wider on this version, which also meant I had to fiddle with the placement as well. Also I felt the instructions to adjust strap placement should have come AFTER zipper installation because I definitely couldn’t get a fine tune beforehand.

Here’s me being silly, modeling the bodice:



The dress is cute, cool, and comfortable, and the first thing I’ve made and worn that I didn’t notice issues with after wearing! Hallelujah, I must be getting better!! 🙂 I’m definitely gonna make this again!

But next up is the Jamie Christina Mission Maxi – woo hoo! my first foray into knit territory! 🙂