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The Fly

No, not the movie, although that was a classic…. is anyone even old enough to remember that one? 🙂 I was just a kid but I still remember being creeped right out!

But I digress… this post is indeed about a fly, but one that I made!!! My first one, in fact! Check it out:

Front view:




Can I say, this was a really hard thing to get pics of. Nevermind even getting GOOD pics; it just seems obscene to me somehow lol. I can understand why it was once considered obscene for women to wear fly-front trousers. LOL. IDK, call me weird or perverted, I just think it is 😛


The pattern instructions, I must say, are AWESOME. I pin tested the whole process to make sure I understood where everything would go, and how it all fit together, and it all made sense!

I made a fly, peeps!! 😀