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UFO Complete: Simplicity 2562 – Amazing Fit Pants

Yay! My UFO is finished!

I have to give mad props to this pattern. The instructions were excellent, and the process was easy to follow, even for a beginner like me 🙂

I really love the inclusion of finishing details, like bias tape on the inside of the pocket & waistband edges, and the option of using hem tape.



I even managed to get a decent fit; however my photos are crappy so I apologize…


look, I have a bum! lol

My only regret is that when I originally started this project, I was fabric ignorant and when buying fabric, thought I was getting linen, but it was really poly *blech* It was AWFUL to work with; frayed everywhere, refused to press, distorted and slipped around… basically made the construction a disaster. By the time I got to the waistband facing, my accuracy was so bad I ended up with this:

WTF?? How did I manage that? Then there’s the fact the front waistband is wider than the back, which I couldn’t press, so it looks hideous lol:


Believe me, I’m not proud of this, nor is it at all the pattern’s fault. It’s entirely mine, as I was so frustrated with the fabric that I stopped caring at the end. (although I did hand sew the hem lol)

II show you these embarrassing shots to urge you hard working sewists out there – let’s banish polyester!! Let’s encourage our fabric shops to bring in more natural fibers – we shouldn’t have to live like this! lol

Kidding aside, I’m sure I’ll make this pattern again at some point, with a nicer, PRESSABLE fabric 🙂