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Sewing With a Plan: Fall/Winter 2012

I love making lists! I have lists for everything; it’s how I keep my life organized & on track.

Trouble is, my lists are always changing, so making a list for sewing is tough because my whims and inspiration can change overnight. Also, my wardrobe is so severely limited (like I mean REALLY – I have NOTHING to wear!) and there are SO many things I both need AND want to sew, it’s hard to narrow it down to a realistic level. I’m so desperate to just have clothes to wear, it’s hard to decide what should take priority.

Up til now, my sewing was organized mainly around sewalongs, as I was just learning the basics, but I haven’t come out with a whole lot of wearable pieces, or very much that feels like ME 🙂 Now that I feel a bit more competent in my skill set, as well as having a clearer sense of my personal style, I want to sew now for me, with a purpose 🙂

Having recently discovered StephC’s blog through Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch, I immediately fell in love with her candid way of speaking and her way of approaching fashion… and pretty much every topic, for that matter!

Steph did a series of posts on planning a wearable wardrobe using basic pieces and colours that harmonize with each other. My feelings towards colour have always been pretty much in this vein, so it felt very organic to me. This one gives a guideline on where to start and I decided to use it as my inspiration to narrow down my choices for Fall’s plan 🙂

My colours weren’t hard to choose, as I’d pretty much already chosen them, but I didn’t follow the suggested pattern exactly because I’m doing two sets instead of one – one wardrobe, split into two sections: Fall and Winter. But it will essentially operate the same way as the sample wardrobe (only double!) interchangeable coordinating pieces that make it easy to dress: just throw anything on, and always look put together, cause it all matches!

My colours are black, red, navy, and blue-grey. Here is my plan for the first set (Fall):

••• black linen dress pants
••• blue Anise jacket
••• navy print jasmine
••• red renfrew
••• navy wool skirt or shorts
••• vintage gray shirt dress

In my second set, (which will essentially become my winter plan) the colours are the same only instead of blue-grey, my accent colour is cream:

•• black wool pencil skirt
•• black wool blazer or jacket
•• cream blouse
•• navy cigarette pants
•• red cardigan
•• black wiggle dress

Now I’m hoping I can actually stick to this plan and not get distracted by pretty new patterns or other sewists’ stellar creations!

How bout you? Do you plan your sewing or do you just wing it? 🙂