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Christmas Sewing & Gifting

This Christmas saw me making my first unselfish sewing project! I chose Burda 7359; a shirt for my man. It was my first, not because I’m selfish (lol) but because I wasn’t confident enough with my sewing skills to make something for someone I love.

But after many gentle & sincere pleas from my beloved for a shirt made just for him, I couldn’t resist any longer and decided to surprise him with one for Christmas 🙂 I selected the pattern because of the dressy casual style, which he favours, and the fabric because of the colours and the fact he loves plaid. I used a contrasting dark blue thread and buttons to enhance the light blue in the pattern and to show the topstitching more clearly.

(hehe… Christmas morning; he’s not fully awake yet!)

Dontcha love it with the clashing plaid pj’s? lol

I have to say… this was the most challenging and time consuming project I’ve done yet: aside from the Bombshell dress, that is! ^_^ Cuff plackets, in particular, were a pretty big learning curve for me!

FYI, that’s a fabric quirk there on the sleeve placket – that looks like a stray white thread… this fabric has character! lol


I will make this again for my man but probably not in plaid because it’s just too tough to get all the seams pattern matched. There’s a yoke, two piece collar, front and cuff plackets, etc, and flat felled seams on everything. That being said, I like the way it looks on him – you don’t notice the non-matched areas, and it does match better than a LOT of his RTW garments! 😉






He wore it all day Christmas day and it wound up here:

… which is where all his favourites wind up lol. I take that as a good sign 😛